How to merge two versions of a text file.

Learn how to combine two or more text files into one convenient document for reviewing, sharing, or safekeeping.

From organizing family documents into one handy place to collaborating on work files that need combining into a finished presentation, there are numerous reasons why you might need to learn how to merge two versions of a text file. Read on to learn how easy merging text files can be.

Two quick options for combining text files.

One of the simplest ways to merge two files is copying and pasting the text into another document. For example, if you are using Word or Google Docs, start by creating a third document and naming it accordingly — such as “combined file” or “final project.” Then:

  1. Open the two files you want to merge.
  2. Select all text (Command+A/Ctrl+A) from one document, then paste it into the new document (Command+V/Ctrl+V).
  3. Repeat steps for the second document. This will finish combining the text of both documents into one.

This method works best if you only have two files you want to merge — more than two, and the process can get a bit tedious. If that’s the case, you can simply convert your text files into a PDF format. Then, all you have to do is use a simple online tool to merge your PDFs into one document. This way, you can save yourself time, plus you’ll be able to arrange or reorder pages as you see fit more easily.

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