How to split PDF pages on Android devices.

You can split up a large PDF file into smaller PDFs to make sharing and sending documents a breeze on your Android device.

If you’re trying to send a PDF document but can’t because the file is too large, breaking it up into smaller pieces can be your solution. Or perhaps you only want to send out certain sections of a PDF to several different recipients. It’s easy to split up a PDF into multiple files from anywhere on your Android device.

How to split a PDF on an Android device.

To start, go to the Split PDF page and tap the Select A File button to upload your file. Sign in through an Adobe, Apple, or Google account to continue. From the page of thumbnails that appears, you can pick up to 19 divider lines to create multiple new PDFs. Hit Save and you can store the new files in the same folder or create a new folder. From here, you can download, rename, or share the new PDFs.

Now you can easily share these smaller PDFs, even on the go. You may want to work with PDFs in other ways, too. For instance, you may need to recombine your file after others have worked on the separate sections, or you may need to convert your files to another format such as Microsoft Word. See what else you can do on your Android with Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat online services.