Easily password protect a PDF on an iPhone.

To secure personal information in any PDF, you can password protect it from anywhere by using a few simple steps from Adobe Acrobat online services.

There are numerous reasons why you may need to protect the contents of a PDF. Perhaps you have a legal document, financial contract, or rental lease to share. In those particular cases and many others, you can specify who can view your private information. Acrobat online makes it easy to password protect any PDF, creating a secure, encrypted file.

How to password protect a PDF on an iPhone.

Be sure you know the location of your file, whether it’s stored on your iPhone or on a cloud-based service. Click Select A File to navigate to the file and upload it. Once you’re in, create a strong and unique password, and then retype it to confirm. Click Set Password. After your new password is set, you can download the file. You can also sign in to Adobe or another service, such as Apple or Google, to share it with others over email or via a link.

Other kinds of PDFs you may want to password protect include:

Your file is now secure and can only be opened by others if you provide them with the password.

If you’d like more options to work with your PDFs — including editing, converting, or compressing them — explore everything Acrobat online services can offer.