Tools for working remotely from home

Find out what tools you need to work from your home office — or your couch — successfully.

Work from home has become the new normal. Even before the pandemic, businesses had started to push for remote work. But once the quarantine kicked in, the scene was set — we’re now remote workers.

Your couch may be your new office, but you still need proper remote working tools to connect with your coworkers and clients. Let’s explore some of the essential work-from-home tools.

Communicate with ease.

You’ll need a good communication platform. Ideally, it should support messaging, plus regular and video calls. You can get by with emails and your cell phone, but bringing all your communications into one central place helps keep things organized.

There are many video conference software options available. Each has its own strengths and features, but you might want to make sure that your pick supports screen sharing.

Share your files.

File sharing is an integral part of remote work. You’ll most likely use a cloud-based file storage service. Again, there are more options available than we have space to list them. Review their features and choose one that suits you — or just go with what your employer specifies.

Secure internet access.

Remote work depends on a steady internet connection. Get a reliable mobile hotspot you can use in case your Wi-Fi goes down. Not being able to do your job because your internet service provider got their cables tied up is not a good look.

Process documents remotely.

Lastly, you’ll need tools for processing files and documents. For most of the file types you work with there’s usually industry-standard software. For example, Adobe Acrobat DC makes handling PDFs fast and easy.

With Acrobat DC, you can share editable PDFs with anyone from anywhere. Easily add comments and annotations, compress PDFs for easy sharing, sign contracts and forms, and much more.

Find out about more ways to work with PDFs online. Discover everything you can do with Acrobat DC to work from home efficiently.