How to scan multiple pages into one PDF.

A step-by-step guide to consolidating your documents.

Let’s say you need to read an article, or a story, or a document — but it's lengthy, and you don't want to carry around a ton of papers. Sound like a familiar struggle?

With technology today, you can easily avoid this problem with mobile scanning. However, when you scan and upload a document to your computer, you create another potential problem: organization. That's where merging your documents comes in.

Learn how to scan multiple pages and merge them into one PDF to save yourself time, money, and an organizational headache.

Keep your documents in one place.

Follow these steps to scan and merge your PDF documents:

  1. Download mobile scanning technology. With a mobile scanning app, you can snap a photo of your printed documents, written notes, book pages — you name it — and upload them directly to your devices as a PDF. Scanning technology doesn't just upload a photo of your content, though. Quality technology should also auto-detect borders; sharpen content; and create a share-able, edit-able PDF for your files.
  2. Merge your PDFs. Likely, the document you’re scanning is several pages long. Drag and drop the individual PDF files to merge them into one document.
  3. Edit, annotate, share. Do whatever you'd do with your written document, from the convenience of your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can invite other users to collaborate, make your own edits, and share with friends or colleagues.

Do more with your PDFs.

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