Crop PDF files with ease in Adobe Acrobat.

Streamline your workflow with an intuitive PDF solution that makes it quick and easy to crop PDF pages.      

A person sitting down at a table working on cropping a PDF on their laptop

Make sure your PDFs look just the way you want.


Whether you want to trim the margins of a document or make all your pages a uniform size, cropping a PDF is easy with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Learn how to crop white space in your financial documents or delete pages from a PDF presentation for your next creative project.  No matter what you’re working on, give your files a cohesive look with Acrobat.


Use PDFs for your next project        



Different ways to crop your documents.


The Crop tool is a long-standing Acrobat tool — one you can use to do more than simply adjust margins or trim pages. Explore a few ways cropping can help you elevate any project. 



Adjust page size. 


Use cropping to trim white margins and give your document more consistency by making your PDF pages a uniform size. Or crop your pages to different sizes depending on the content. Now you can choose exactly the look you want for every project.



Create new compositions.


You can also adjust the orientation of your document. If you crop and rotate PDFs into a vertical format, it looks more like a standard form or official document. If you crop a PDF into a landscape layout, it’ll look more like a presentation or Microsoft PowerPoint slide. Whatever you’re creating, consider how you want to use the PDF as you crop and resize the pages. 

A person sitting on a couch at a coffee table reviewing a PDF on their laptop

How to crop a PDF in Acrobat.


Cropping lets you cut out specific areas of a PDF, but it also lets you delete whole pages or auto-crop based on specific dimensions. Follow these steps to learn how to crop a PDF and apply the changes across all pages in a PDF document:





Open your PDF file in Acrobat Desktop.





Select the Edit PDF tool.





In the toolbar, click Crop Pages.





Use your cursor to create and resize a rectangle on the page you want to crop.





Double-click inside the cropping rectangle. This will open the Set Page Boxes dialog box.





Apply your crop settings to additional pages by setting the page range or click All under Page Range.





Click OK and save your file.

Screenshot of the Set Page Boxes dialog box in Adobe Acrobat

Make PDFs part of your workflow with Acrobat.


While cropping is a vital tool, it’s only one of many in the Acrobat toolbox.


Since PDFs have a small file size, they’re easy to share with your team. And with collaborative annotation features, you and your team can annotate, comment, and respond to feedback in a snap.


With the right PDF tools, you can bring beer experiences into your workflow or creative project. Get started with Acrobat, and bring your PDFs to life.



Use Acrobat for your next project      


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