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Photo editing made for everyone.

Lightroom makes it easy to get your images just right. Edit from anywhere you are and take your photography to new places.

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Make your images match the moment.

Easy ways to adjust exposure, colour and more let you create photos that capture your vision.

Editing made easy.

Whether you’re using Lightroom on desktop, mobile or web, you can make basic edits to brightness, contrast and more — so you’ve got the perfect shots to share with friends and family.

Preset it and perfect it.

For a consistent look and feel, let Lightroom do the work with presets. Apply filters in a click with premium presets for every style — and add presets to specific areas of your photo for more focused edits.

Edit from anywhere.

Pick up where you left off with Lightroom on mobile, desktop or web — your projects will sync automatically so you’re always looking at your latest edits.

Level up your skills.

Experience informative step-by-step tutorials right inside Lightroom and find even more inspiration from the community in Lightroom Discover.

Get down to the last detail.

Fine-tune your photos with maximum control and precision when you edit with Lightroom for desktop.

See what new can do.

Explore all the latest features in Lightroom.

Automatic noise removal

New AI-powered Denoise in Lightroom improves the quality of your photos without losing any of the details.

Faster-than-ever mobile editing.

Instantly access everything in your Apple iCloud or Android Gallery. Just tap any photo or video and start editing.

Precise ways to edit people

Select People now lets you target facial hair and clothing so you can quickly edit and enhance the people in your images.

More Adaptive Presets

Automatically add polish to your portraits with presets you can add to selected areas of your photo.

Black-and-white video editing

Now you can edit black-and-white videos through the Colour panel — and give all your work a cohesive look and feel.

Discover the world of Lightroom.

Explore artist stories, tutorials, livestream events and more.


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Frequently asked questions.

You can buy Lightroom at 20% off as part of the Photography plan for just US$11,49/mo US$9,19/mo in the first year. The Photography plan includes the full version of Photoshop, Lightroom, Lightroom classic for desktop and mobile. Free cancellation in the first 14 days.

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Lightroom is the best tool to efficiently manage the workflow of an amateur or professional photographer, from storing photos to final touch-ups. Photoshop, on the other hand, is a specialized tool offering more extensive editing possibilities and making it possible to obtain pixel-perfect images.


In sum, these two photo editing apps have many common features, but they have been designed for different needs and various uses.

Lightroom is aimed at both professionals and photography enthusiasts and allows you to:

✓ do complex photo editing quickly and easily with the multitude of intuitive tools included;

✓ apply the best presets following Lightroom's recommendations;

✓ classify, store and share photos on all devices;

✓ Learn new photo editing skills with in-app tutorials.

You can install presets with a few clicks:

1. Go to Presets from the Edit panel and click on the three dots. Select "Import Presets". Alternatively, you can click File > Import Profiles and Presets from the menu bar.

2. Select the preset files you want to import.

3. Click on "Import".

4. The selected presets are now listed in the Presets panel.

Note: Imported presets are automatically synced to your smartphone or tablet.

Learn the basics or refine your skills with Lightroom tutorials designed to inspire. Explore all Lightroom tutorials.