How to convert JPG files to PNG format.

Learn the process of turning your JPGs into PNG images in Adobe Photoshop.

How to convert JPG to PNG

From JPG images to a simpler file format.

JPGs (joint photographic experts group) are lossy raster image files great for many uses online. But if you’re working with simple graphics or icons, you can convert images to a PNG file and reduce the file size for faster load times. PNGs (portable network graphics file) are the lossless compression file type that’s optimised for use with web browsers.

How to convert files from JPG format to a PNG.


Select File and choose Save As. From the options, select PNG.


Choose an interlace option. The None option gives you the image only when the download finishes. Selecting the Interlaced option makes the download time seem shorter, as it shows you a low-res version of the image as it downloads, but gives you a larger file size.


Click OK.

That’s how you convert JPGs to PNG files, so they’re ready to be uploaded online or to be used in other Adobe programmes like Adobe InDesign.


Learn more about how to decide between image formats like JPG and TIFF or explore if BMP or other file types are what you need.

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