High Fidelity Printing Platform for Next Generation Print Production

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What’s new in PDF Print Engine 4

Announcing version 4 of the PDF Print Engine 4, Adobe’s high speed, high fidelity print platform. With new performance efficiencies and breakthrough rendering features, version 4 extends APPE’s leading edge for print reproduction. PDF Print Engine 4 shares the same core technologies used in Creative Cloud applications, and has been updated and optimized for them. This guarantees consistency and reliability across proofing cycles, minimizing errors and the need for last-minute fixes. APPE 4 will enable printers to increase workflow efficiency, and capitalize on the profit potential of emerging innovations.
Tile Parallel Processing
Tile Parallel Processing
A large surface can be subdivided into tiles, each of which can be rendered by a separate instance of the PDF Print Engine, working together on multiple cores. When complete, the rasterized tiles are seamlessly reassembled, dramatically reducing processing time. Tile Parallel Processing will extend the Mercury RIP Architecture into wide format production printing.
Expanded spot color handling
Expanded spot color handling
Up to 127 color channels can be specified and used in any given region.
Accelerated processing for patterns & soft masks
Accelerated processing for patterns & soft masks
Super-fast algorithms for rendering patterns, and handling soft masks over and around images, resulting in big performance gains. 

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New in version 4 . . .
Mercury RIP Architecture
Framework for maximizing resource utilization, via parallel processing and load balancing.
Rendering for Creatives
Do you know how your designs will be rendered? Why should you care?
Partner Endorsements
Adobe PDF Print Engine 4 will be integrated into solutions from the industry’s most respected vendors. Our partners value APPE’s contribution to their portfolio. Read what they have to say, in their own words.
May 31, 2016. Announcing version 4 of the Adobe PDF Print Engine High Fidelity Rendering for Next-Generation Print Production.