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The review feature allows you to add comments and annotations, edit comments, reply to comments, and receive notifications when there is an activity on your thread comments. To review files:

  1. From the review invitation email that you receive, click the link. It automatically opens the review document in Acrobat Reader.

  2. Sign in with your Adobe ID if not already signed-in. Signing-in allows you to edit or delete your comments at any time.

  3. Use the bottom toolbar to highlight text, strikethrough the text, underline text, draw, add a comment, fill & sign, or edit PDF.

The document is automatically saved, and all reviewers can see your comments. You can review files even when offline. The app saves your comments and syncs them to the document once you have a connection.


Work with comments

A reviewed document can have comments, highlighted text with comment, strikethrough text, underlined text, or hand-drawn markings. The comment icon commenticon3 indicates a comment on the shared document. Acrobat automatically assigns a unique color to each reviewer of a document. To view, reply to, or edit any type of comment, you tap the comment or the commenticon3. It displays the comment edit panel at the bottom.


You can use the comment edit panel to:

  • Reply to a comment

    To respond to a comment:

    1. Tap commenticon3 for any comment. Or, from the list of comments, tap the comment that you want to reply to.

    2. In the comment edit panel that opens, type your response and tap Post.

  • Mention a specific reviewer

    While replying to a comment, you can use the @mention tag to refer to someone directly. To use the tag:

    1. Create a new comment or reply to a comment.

    2. Tap aticon and select a name from the list of reviewers.

    3. Finish your comment and tap Post.

    It sends the named user a notification that they have been specifically mentioned.

  • Delete your own comments

    Review document owner can delete any comment. However, other reviewers can only delete their own comments. To delete a comment, tap the comment that you want to delete. Then, tap deleteicon in the comment panel.

  • Edit your own comments

    Reviewers can only edit their own comments. To edit a comment, tap it to open the comment edit panel. Then, tap overflowicon > Edit reply.

  • Open the list of comments

    To open the list of comments:

    • From the comments edit panel, tap bulleticon.

    • Or, from the top menu bar, tap overflowicon > Comments.

  • Navigate through the comments

    When documents contain a large number of comments, you can use the navigation tools.

    • From the comments list, scroll up and down the comments.

    • From a specific comment, scroll left and right through the comments.

  • Filter comments

    You can filter the comments by time when posted, reviewers, and whether the comment is read or resolved. To do so:

    1. Tap filtericon

    2. Tap the filters that you want to apply.

    3. Tap Apply.


    When you apply a comment filter, a filter bar appears at the top which displays the number of selected filters and a Clear button. Tap Clear to remove all filters.


Listen to voice comments

A document may also contain voice comments indicated by voicecomment. To listen to a voice comment:

  1. Tap voicecomment to interact with the voice comment. Or, from the list of comments, tap the comment that you want to hear.

  2. In the voice comment panel that opens, tap playicon to listen to the voice comment.


View notifications

Notifications sends you alerts for requests and/or real-time messages from the sender. Based on your settings, notifications may also appear on your device home screen.

To view the latest notifications, tap bellalerticon. It displays the list of following two types of notifications:

  • Requests: These are action items such as direct messages, requests to review a file, and more.

  • Notifications: These are simple messages.


Manage reviews

You receive a notification email when reviewers comment on your file. You can also actively monitor and track reviews from your app or from the desktop.

You can track and manage your shared files in following ways:

  • Send messages to reviewers. Messages are received as notifications.

  • View the list of reviewers.

  • Add reviewers.

  • Unshare files and delete reviews.

To manage a review when a document is open, tap overflowicon from the top menu bar.



The app provides similar functionality for shared files (view-only files not in a review).

Set review deadlines

You can specify a deadline when setting up a review so that the review automatically ends.

  1. In the Share with others dialog, tap gearicon

  2. Tap Set deadine.

  3. In the calendar widget that opens, select a date/time and tap Set deadline.

    The chosen due date appears in the Deadline field.

  4. Tap < button.


Notifications are sent out when a share ends.


Add reviewers

The shared file owner can add reviewers at any time. To add reviewers:

  1. From the Home, Shared, or Search results file list, tap overflowicon

  2. Tap People.

  3. Tap Add.

  4. In the ‘Add Person’ dialog that opens, enter an email address and tap Add Person.


View the review message

To check the initial message that you sent along with the file share: you sent when you share the file,

  1. From Home, Shared, or search result file list, tap overflowicon

  2. Tap Message.


Unshare a file

From any file list (Home, Shared, or search result):

  1. Tap overflowicon

  2. Tap Unshare file.

  3. Tap Unshare again to confirm.

Unsharing a file prevents future access to that file for all users.

Delete a share or review

Only shared file owners can delete their review. From any file list (Home, Shared, or search result):

  1. Tap overflowicon

  2. Tap Delete.

  3. In the dialog that appears, review the delete message and tap Delete Anyway to confirm.



Removing share and review privileges does not delete the file.