Finding files

Adobe Scan provides several options for finding and viewing files. You can:

View recent files or all scans

The Adobe Scan home screen displays a list of your recent scans. To switch between your Recent file list and All Scans list:

  1. Tap overflowicon

  2. Tap View Recent Scans or View All Scans.


Sort by name or date

When in the All Scans view, you can sort your files by file name or by scan date. A check shows you the current sort method.

  1. Tap overflowicon

  2. Tap Sort by Name or Sort by Date.


Search for files

Search for any file by filename. From either the Recent or All Scans views:

  1. Tap searchicon

  2. Enter search text to find a file. As you enter text, matching results automatically appear in the file list.

  3. Tap on a search result to preview the file.

Make files available offline

A simple toggle switch allows you to download a file for offline use. When available offline, an “offline badge (icon)” appears on the document.

To save a file locally:

  1. From any document list, tap overflowicon

  2. Copy to Device.



Local PDFs appear with an offline badge if your device does not have Internet connection.


Access scans from other apps

Any app that supports working with PDF can access the Scan app’s PDF list. This allows you to attach, view, and perform other supported actions within those 3rd party apps.

  1. Open any app that supports working with PDF.

  2. Initiate an action that allows you to find a PDF file; for example, viewing or attaching a PDF.

  3. In the Open from menu, choose the Scan App.

  4. Tap the local PDF.

For example, from the Gmail app:

  1. Tap the paperclip to start the attachment workflow.

  2. In the Open from menu, choose Adobe Scan from the list of file providers.

  3. Find and tap the file you need.

Note that clould-based files as well as files on other devices are not available via this method.