Release Notes

We regularly update the Adobe Scan app to fix issues, improve performance, and to provide you with an enhanced user experience. Keep your app up-to-date to ensure that you have access to the latest features and an improved user interface.

May, 2022

What’s new

This release includes the following new features:

  • Advanced options for saving scans: You can now upload a copy of your scans on Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom once the apps are installed on your device. Learn how to Save scans to 3rd party cloud apps.

  • Cloud Storage Upgrade: Document Cloud is now Adobe cloud storage.

February, 2022

What’s new

This release includes the following new feature:

  • Scan QR codes: You can now use Scan app’s new QR code scanning feature to scan QR codes and open associated links. Learn how to Scan QR codes on your Scan Android app.

December, 2021

What’s new

This release includes the following new features:

  • Compress PDFs: Adobe Scan’s premium subscription feature Compress files can now be used to compress scan files for easy sharing. You can select a high or low compression level to reduce the size of the file.

  • Book mode capture: You can now use Scan app’s new Book mode capture to simultaneously scan left and right pages of a book. Scan automatically identifies the book bind and splits the scan into two pages. Learn how to Scan books using the Book mode capture.

  • Control auto-cropping of imported images: Adobe Scan now allows you to control auto-cropping of imported images and documents. Learn how to disable auto-crop when you Create scan from digital photos or documents.

  • Use Markup tool: You can now use Adobe Scan’s new Markup tool to Add markups on your scanned pages.

System requirements changes


August, 2021

What’s new

This release includes the following new features:

  • Light text filter: You can now use a new Light text filter to adjust the color of your scans.

  • Adjust and save scans: The new ‘Adjust and save’ button on the Quick Actions screen allows you to quickly adjust your scan captures and save them as PDF.

  • Share scans as email attachments: With improved sharing via emails, you can now share your scans as email attachments.

  • Scan ID Cards: Adobe Scan’s new Scan ID Cards feature allows you to scan both sides of an ID card on one page and adjust the scan using the improved crop, resize, and cleanup tools.

  • Password protect your scans: Adobe Scan Premium subscribers can now set passwords to protect files and remove passwords from protected files when not required.

System requirements changes

Adobe Scan app is currently supported only on Android OS version 7 and above.

May, 2021

What’s new

This release includes performance and stability enhancements.

System requirements changes

Adobe Scan no longer supports Android OS version 6.X or earlier.

Known issues and bugs

  • Files modified by the Fill & Sign app remain editable in the Scan app for some Fill & Sign actions [17769]

  • Tapping Retake while cropping leaves the photo thumbnail visible in the tray , but you can’t tap on it and there’s no counter [15656]