Sign with Digital Signatures

Users in enterprise environments may be required to sign with digital signatures or initiate signing workflows that use them. In many cases, your account admin selects a digital ID provider and creates a digital ID for you. Since digital IDs require a log-in credential and may have varying workflows, your organization needs provide the signing details.

About digital signatures

Adobe Acrobat Sign supports cloud-based digital signatures on the web as well as on mobile devices. It allows you to add digital IDs to their esignature processes, comply with the most demanding industry and global requirements, and deliver exceptional experiences.

Customers may use the terms “electronic” and “digital” signatures interchangeably, but experts often refer to digital signatures as a subset of electronic signatures. Electronic signatures can use a variety of methods for authenticating signers — such as e-mail, corporate IDs, or phone verification. Whereas, digital signatures use one specific method. With digital signatures, signers authenticate their identity using a certificate-based digital ID, which is typically issued by a trusted third-party certificate authority. Digital signatures allow users and enterprise organizations to prove that a document was signed as well as verify its authenticity and integrity.

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Request a digital signature

You can ask recipients to sign a document with digital signature by adding a digital signature field to the document. To do so:

  1. Tap Send for Signature.

  2. Add a document, recipient(s), and a message.

  3. Tap Options and then enable Preview, position signatures or add form fields.

  1. Tap Done.

  2. From the Send for Signature screen, tap sendicon

  3. When the document reloads, navigate to where you’d like to add the digital signature field.

  4. Drag and drop a new field onto the document.

  5. When you are done editing the document, tap Send.


Sign with a digital signature

Some documents may require you to sign with a digital signature rather than a non-certificate based electronic signature. Document authors specify this requirement by adding a digital signature field to the document.

Note that the workflows and steps may vary based on the requirements of your digital ID provider and organization.

To sign with a digital ID:

  1. Open a document and tap signicon

  2. If the “Select provider” dialog appears, either tap the new Digital ID link or select your provider from the drop down list (this list is configured by your organization).

  1. Tap Next.

  2. Sign in to the provider if you are required to do so.

  3. Select a digital ID. By default, only the IDs that use certificates valid for signing appear.

  1. Tap Next.

  2. Review your signature appearance. Tap Edit Signature if you’d like to change it.

  3. Tap OK.

  4. Tap Click to Sign.

  5. Enter your PIN or password. If your organization requires additional authentication via an OTP token, enter the one time password.

  6. Complete the signing workflow.