Ready-to-go slides [NEW]

Conquer the challenges of getting started with eLearning, and creating good-looking courses quickly. Design beautiful eLearning content in minutes with the all-new ready-to-go slides. From the assets panel, choose from hundreds of responsive ready-to-go slides and add them to your eLearning project. Easily replace text, characters, images, and videos to make your course engaging. Preview the mobile-ready content and publish it to be consumed across devices and browsers.

Quick Start Projects [NEW]

The all-new Quick Start Projects are a comprehensive set of ready-to-go interactive eLearning slides required for designing introduction, objectives, menu, layout, scenarios, interactions, and quiz slides. Choose a Quick Start Project from the Assets Panel, to create a new eLearning project. Simply swap out images, text, and other content to create enthralling courses in no time.

All-new Asset Store [ENHANCED]

The all-new Asset Store is here to help you work smarter. Download ready-to-go slides from responsive Quick Start Projects to create stunning eLearning courses in no time. Unlock value with in-product access to Adobe Stock and our library of 75,000+ free eLearning assets. Choose from a universe of royalty-free images, characters, interactions, themes, games, scenarios, audio, video, buttons, and much more. Find the perfect asset for your eLearning projects, and delight your learners with content that dazzles.

Immersive learning with VR experiences [ENHANCED]

Battle shrinking attention spans with immersive learning scenarios that your learners can experience in Virtual Reality using VR headsets. Import 360° media assets and add hotspots, quizzes and other interactive elements to engage your learners with near real-life scenarios. Display text and image, play audio or video, or perform navigation based actions on click of a hotspot. Now Adobe Captivate makes it possible for you to customize the styling of a hotspot and its display text. Achieve learning use cases such as – “virtual tours”, “crisis management”, “safety drills”, “first responder situations”, and more.

Fluid Boxes 2.0 [ENHANCED]

Objects placed in Fluid Boxes get aligned automatically so that learners always get a fully responsive experience regardless of their device or browser. Use the pre-defined boxes in a responsive theme or draw your own. In the latest release of Adobe Captivate, Fluid Boxes get a productivity makeover - use the intuitive UI to control and customize your Fluid Boxes, view parent-child relations, distribute objects equally in a single click, define alignment properties in Static Fluid Boxes, and more.

Interactive videos [ENHANCED]

Liven up demos and training videos by making them interactive. Record your own or bring in existing YouTube or Vimeo videos. Add informational slides or knowledge check questions as overlays at specific point on the video. You can now have multiple overlay slides play one after the other, at the same point on the video. Add bookmarks in the timeline to aid learner remediation. Customize feedback options for answers and interactions.

Simplified Branching Workflow [NEW]

Cross the hurdle of creating multi-module eLearning courses by authoring branching logic without programming. Download ready-to-go branching slides from the assets panel and swap out the text, image and other content in the different slide groups. Alternately, group existing slides into modules. Create a menu that lists all the modules. Use proper naming convention to match the module names with the slide group names and find your multi-module course work seamlessly. Allow your learners to take a quiz only after all the modules are completed.

Automated click-and-replace interaction [NEW]

Accelerate your eLearning authoring by implementing click-and-replace interaction without programming. Download a ready-to-go multistate interaction slide from the assets panel. Swap out the image, text and other content. use proper naming convention to map the interaction buttons with the corresponding object states. Allow forward navigation for learners, only after all the interactions are viewed or completed.

Multiple theme support [NEW]

Now get your eLearning content to look exactly the way you want it. In the latest version of Adobe Captivate, there are no restriction on the number of themes in a project. Bring in different slides from existing courses to your eLearning project and keep the same theme as the original project.

Image swap [NEW]

Fast-track your eLearning authoring by simply swapping out images in your projects in seconds. Just drag and drop images of your choice to any existing slide in your project and see the old images get replaced by the new ones.

Image and SVGs as buttons [NEW]

Speed up your authoring by drastically reducing the number of steps required to use images or SVGs as buttons in your eLearning course. The latest update of Adobe Captivate, now allows you to add any image or SVG to your course and directly use them as buttons. Define actions or advanced actions and assign them to the button in a few simple steps.

Copy Paste Appearance [NEW]

Minimize authoring time by copying and pasting appearance of one object to multiple other objects. Quickly apply similar formatting, such as color, font style, font size, and border style to different objects and text portions in your eLearning content.

Theme fonts [NEW]

Now breeze through eLearning authoring by editing fonts with a single click. Format the fonts of all the slides in your project, in one go, by editing the theme fonts.

Smart Font Replacement [NEW]

Boost your productivity with the smart font replacement features in the new Adobe Captivate. Easily comply with brand guidelines by uniformly changing the fonts, themes, and colors of an eLearning project with click of a few buttons. Resolve missing fonts to ensure your projects don’t lose their beautiful look and feel. Choose from a list of possible replacement fonts, if the fonts in your project are not available on your computer.

Live device preview [NEW]

See exactly how your eLearning content will play out on your learners’ VR devices. Use the live preview feature in Adobe Captivate to generate a QR code that you can scan using a mobile device and mirror the project real-time on your device browser. Once the initial connection is done, you can keep previewing all your work across projects as long as the Adobe Captivate session is active.

360⁰ learning experiences [NEW]

Augment the learning landscape with 360° images and videos and convert them into interactive eLearning material with customizable overlay items such as information blurbs, audio content & quizzes. Make learners explore their surroundings and actively engage with the environment to enhance retention. Achieve complex learning use cases such as compliance protocols in action, virtual walkthroughs, realistic product demos and more.

Automatic chroma key effects [New]

Transform your videos by making their backgrounds transparent and replace them in just a few clicks without the need for any green-screen technology. Personalize your video background by adding images or videos of places, scenarios or on-slide content. Get your project on the road with free media assets shipped with Adobe Captivate or choose your own.

Smart video recording – webcam + screen [NEW]

Create studio-quality HD videos as you simultaneously record your webcam and on-screen content with just a few clicks. Adjust the talking-head video position and add persona to your training content. Easily edit the videos in Adobe Captivate and add interactivity to multi-screen video-based learning.

CSV question import template [NEW]

Reduce authoring time and effort with the .csv Question Import template in Adobe Captivate, which helps you automatically create question slides in your Adobe Captivate Project. Include all question slide logic in the same .csv file such as marks, correct answers and feedback. You can also import format-compatible question banks from other authoring tools with just a few clicks.

PowerPoint to mobile learning [NEW]

Fast-forward to smart eLearning authoring by importing PowerPoint presentations to Adobe Captivate with just a few clicks*. Transform static PowerPoint slides into eLearning content that works seamlessly across all devices. Enhance the learning experience by adding interactive elements, assets and quizzes.

*Works only on Windows.

Automatic device preview [NEW]

Hit the play button to see your content automatically change shape and form factor across the full spectrum of device sizes. Get a holistic view of how responsive your content is on every screen size.

Overlay slides [NEW]

Add a new dimension of interactivity to recorded or streaming videos with overlay slides in Adobe Captivate. Mark any slide as an overlay slide and insert it anywhere on your video timeline allowing you to add additional interactive layers for improved learner engagement.

Multiscreen responsive eLearning authoring [EXISTING]

Author as you always have—content automatically rearranges for the learner’s device. Use the in-product, device-specific preview to see how your project will appear. Publish as a single project and deliver a fully responsive experience to your learners.

Auto-migrate from non-mobile to mobile [EXISTING]

Join the mobile age. Transform* legacy Adobe Captivate desktop-only courses into fully responsive modules using patent-pending technology from Adobe. Bring in existing Adobe Captivate projects and save them as responsive projects. When you relaunch them, logical object groupings are placed in Fluid Boxes, which you can accept or customize.

Adobe Typekit integration [EXISTING]

Good typography makes for a great viewing experience only when it’s consistent across devices and delivering that just got a lot easier. Choose the fonts you love from the Typekit library and use them across your courses to make a polished, easy-to-follow experience for learners.

Best-in-class screen capture [EXISTING]

Generate robust software simulations with multiple learning modes in a single recording session by capturing all on-screen actions, including mouse movements, system audio, and keyboard activity. Create a single, responsive screen capture project that plays seamlessly across devices. Adobe Captivate detects screen activity in the recording window and pans to those areas to create screen capture output for tablet and mobile views.

Roundtripping with Microsoft PowerPoint [EXISTING]

Make a smart move and go beyond static slides to interactive eLearning. Import your PowerPoint slides into Adobe Captivate, bring in objects, animations, and multimedia, easily update the content, and keep your PowerPoint and Adobe Captivate projects in sync.

Responsive text support [EXISTING]

Provide a superior experience to learners, even for text-heavy courses delivered on small screens. Long paragraphs are collapsed to just a few lines, and learners can click to view more.

Responsive themes [EXISTING]

Choose from various themes that attractively blend backgrounds, styles, fonts, and layouts and incorporate Fluid Boxes. Fluid Boxes make it easy to render fully responsive content for multiple devices. Customize themes to meet your requirements, or create your own. Save themes for reuse across projects.

Responsive motion effects without programming [EXISTING]

Create fluid object transitions that include motion paths and rotations, even in responsive projects. Now add effects to individual objects and groups of objects. Define linear, custom, and scribble motion paths to control the way objects move. Preview animations on hover, and see how effects play out on the integrated Effects and Project timeline. Deliver a superior responsive learning experience by designing different effects for different devices.

Customizable closed captions [EXISTING]

Create courses that meet accessibility standards with closed captions generated from slide notes and for slide videos. These can be enhanced by controlling the way they look and where they appear.

Device-specific previews [EXISTING]

Eliminate the guesswork. Preview exactly how your content will look on specific devices by selecting from a preset device menu. Add new devices to the menu, as needed.

Shared advanced actions [EXISTING]

Enable conditional or multiple actions in an interaction or across projects, and create shared action templates to use with other modules and projects. Enhance shared actions with variable parameterization, and create a looping algorithm from within an advanced action. And now you can have one or more decision or conditional tables.

Publish to Adobe Learning Manager and other LMSs [EXISTING]

Set up a smart learning ecosystem and deliver a superior experience to your learners thanks to tight integration between Adobe Captivate and Adobe Learning Manager. Publish your courses with a single click to Adobe Learning Manager or to other leading LMSs.

Multistate objects [EXISTING]

Power up your eLearning with less elbow grease using object states on steroids. Improve retention by enabling learners to interact with objects in ways never seen before. Make complex workflows achievable with just a few clicks by triggering an unlimited number of custom or in-built states for each object, including smart shapes, images, text, buttons, and more. Easily edit states using the States timeline.

Roundtripping with Adobe CC [EXISTING]

Work with the world’s best creative apps and roundtrip seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition and more in Adobe Creative Cloud. Preserve layers in imported Photoshop files, and edit or animate individual layers in Adobe Captivate for just the right effect. Edit and enhance audio files in Adobe Audition and then bring them back into Adobe Captivate.

Intuitive user interface [EXISTING]

Call on the power-packed functionalities of Adobe Captivate from an intuitive UI that makes authoring easy and efficient. Enjoy authoring with an interface that is simple enough for subject matter experts and powerful enough for experienced users.

Accessibility support [EXISTING]

Expand your outreach to defense, government, and educational organizations. Easily create simulations and demonstrations that address accessibility standards, such as Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). To help ensure that everyone can access your content, define text equivalents, insert clickable areas that allow keyboard access, and more.

Text to speech [EXISTING]

Keep learners tuned in to your content thanks to automatic voiceover functionality that turns text into high-quality speech in a few clicks. Need to change the text? Just click once to update the audio.

Best-in-class HTML5 publishing [EXISTING]

Import your PowerPoint project into Adobe Captivate and retain text, shapes, audio, and animations when you publish them directly to HTML5. Make your eLearning content more mobile with full support for scalable HTML5, mobile themes, play bar, and the ability to pause and resume anywhere, anytime, and on virtually any device. Also publish HTML5 courses directly to Adobe Learning Manager or Adobe Connect.

SVG support [EXISTING]

Create high-quality projects with vector images that scale across devices and sizes with no loss of quality. Define complex shapes and bring them into Adobe Captivate as SVG graphics. Convert images to auto shapes and use them as buttons or feedback captions. Roundtrip with Adobe Illustrator to edit the images. Images are automatically added to the library for reuse across projects.

iOS device capture [EXISTING]

Record your device screen as a full resolution HD video. Make your video richer by adding mobile-specific gestures, such as swipe, tap, and pinch to zoom. Select from a range of audio sources, such as system audio, device audio, and microphone input, to customize your video demo.

Geo-location support [EXISTING]

Utilize the GPS capabilities of mobile devices to deliver timely, location-aware content to learners. Create assessments that require learners to be at a particular geo-location. Set location parameters easily using the integration of Google Maps with Adobe Captivate.

Native app publisher [EXISTING]

Simultaneously publish your course as an app to multiple mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, and Windows RT (Metro apps), with a single click right from within Adobe Captivate using the Adobe PhoneGap~ service.

~Requires separate purchase of PhoneGap.

Audio-video support and synchronization [EXISTING]

Record system audio along with narration or import video in a wide variety of formats (AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG). Synchronize audio or video with slides and timed objects. Edit audio to correct mistakes, add an external track, or attach sound effects to individual objects. Make your eLearning more personal by providing audio responses to interactions and enabling in-course YouTube video streaming.

Responsive drag-and-drop interactions [EXISTING]

Make eLearning fun with drag-and-drop games, quizzes, and learning modules that can run on any device. Choose from a variety of relationships between the drag item and drop target to implement learning outcomes more visually. Provide customizable audio feedback to every drag-and-drop attempt.

In-product LMS preview [EXISTING]

Eliminate the guesswork from content-LMS integration, get fine-grained control over all aspects of your course, and reduce dependency on your LMS administrator. Preview courses in to gauge LMS compatibility, and get error logs to identify those portions of the course that need attention.

Master slides [EXISTING]

Use master slides to easily create and maintain well-formatted and consistent-looking content that meets your corporate guidelines. Define styles and apply them to selected objects for quick and consistent formatting across a project.

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