Adobe Spectrum driven user experience

Meet the brand-new intuitive user interface powered by Adobe Spectrum - an inclusive, scalable and ever-evolving design framework. Easily discover the tool’s features without any training. Boost your productivity with simplified and streamlined workflows. Experience an authoring journey that's both user-friendly for newcomers and powerful for experts.

Ready-made layout slides

Start developing your course instantly by choosing from a range of pre-built layout slides, which include text, images, scenarios and questions. Customise a blank slide with responsive text and media content blocks to suit your requirements. Enjoy the perfect balance of ease and flexibility as you refine your slide designs.

Deep copy

Fast forward your eLearning authoring as you easily copy and paste selected attributes of different objects or components in your courses. Select an object and choose to copy and paste either the interaction or animation or appearance to a different object, in a snap.

Simplified interactions panel

Minimise your authoring time as creating games and immersive experiences has become simpler than ever before. Explore the intuitive interactions panel, choose from a set of triggers, add conditions and select from a comprehensive list of actions to assign to the trigger. Test the interaction with just one click and let the game be on!

Accessibility redefined

Provide equal opportunity for professional development by creating a level playing field for learners with special abilities. Easily generate eLearning content that meets accessibility standards like Section 508 and WCAG 2.1. Ensure content accessibility by defining text equivalents, clickable areas for keyboard access and more.

Easy closed captions

Create courses that meet accessibility standards by instantaneously adding closed captions for slide videos or audio content. Quickly import SRT/VTT files or type your captions. On the timeline bar, easily choose the exact timestamp for which your captions will appear. These captions can be further enhanced by controlling the way they look and where they appear.

Modern text-to-speech

Keep learners tuned in to your content as you easily turn text into high-quality speech with a few clicks. Need to change the text? Just click once to update the audio. Choose from a collection of non-mechanical, multi-accent and multi-lingual voice options

Native audio editing

Save time and cost by quickly and easily editing your audio inside Adobe Captivate. Add audio files from your system or the asset library, record your own voice or generate voiceover from text captions with just a few clicks. Perfect your audio by cutting, pasting, adding captions, removing background noise, looping and more.

CSV question import template

Reduce authoring time and effort with the CSV Question Import template, which helps you automatically create question slides in your all-new Adobe Captivate project. Include all question slide logic in the same CSV file such as score, correct answers and feedback.

Infinite scroll

Introducing infinite scroll in Adobe Captivate! Fascinate your learners with engaging storytelling. Empower them to scroll through your content until the end using visual aids, animations and interactive elements. Author slides without any breaks and boost course completion rates by eliminating the need to click and navigate to the next slide.

Elegant design options

Transcend the limitations of template-based authoring by using the brand-new design options in Adobe Captivate. Enjoy the freedom to make your slides look exactly the way you imagine by choosing responsive text or media blocks and editing the appearance, style, layout, colour, object shapes and much more.

Quick Start Projects 2.0

Fast track eLearning development with real content Quick Start Projects. These projects include all kinds of interactive slides like introduction, objectives, menu, layout, scenarios, widget interactions, timelines and quizzes. Choose a Quick Start Project from the assets library, swap the text and images to make it your own project in no time.

Ready-to-go slides

Quickly create stunning courses with ease, thanks to a huge range of ready-to-go slides. From the assets library, choose from hundreds of responsive slides with real content and add them to your project. Easily replace text, characters, images and videos to create your course. Preview the content and publish it to be consumed across devices and browsers.

Asset library

The updated asset library is here to help you to work smarter. Download ready-to-go slides from responsive Quick Start Projects to create stunning eLearning courses in no time. Choose from a universe of royalty-free images, characters, interactions, themes, games, scenarios, audio, video, buttons and much more. Find the perfect asset for your eLearning projects and delight your learners with content that dazzles.

Extensive image editing

Accelerate course creation by not needing a different tool for image editing. Adobe Captivate now allows you to easily crop images, add filters, shadows, overlays, increase or decrease brightness, contrast, blur and much more. Reduce dependency on graphic designers and get your images ready for your courses without delay.

Engaging animations

Keep your learners engaged by using the astonishing new animation effects. Choose an object or a set of objects in your content and set a motion effect for its entry, emphasis or exit. Simply choose from a plethora of stimulating animation effects like rotation, wobble, flicker, puff, roll, swirl, stretch and much more.

Stylish text presets

Create engaging and comprehensible courses with ease, using impeccable text and font styling. Design user-friendly courses quickly with flawless typography for your text content. Choose from a variety of presets to achieve the perfect look for your headlines, subheadings, body text, variables, questions and more.

Image grid

If a picture can say a thousand words, a grid of images can surely say much more. With the new Adobe Captivate, it takes just a second to add an image grid to your content. Make your content look gorgeous as you replace the default images with your own, add captions, choose design options and components to explain the subject matter.

Customisable themes

Select from a variety of themes that seamlessly blend colours, backgrounds, fonts, styles and layouts. Customise themes to meet your brand identity requirements or create your own themes. Save themes for reuse across projects. Effortlessly import and export themes to maintain brand consistency in all the projects created by your team.

Out-of-box Google fonts

Good typography makes for a great viewing experience only when it’s consistent across devices. Delivering that just got easier. Choose the Google fonts you love without having to log in to Google. Use these fonts available out-of-the-box with Adobe Captivate and apply them across your courses to create a polished, easy-to-follow experience for learners.

SVG support

Produce top-notch projects using vector images that scale across devices and sizes with no loss of quality. Craft intricate shapes and seamlessly import them into Adobe Captivate as scalable SVG graphics.

Device adaptive media blocks

Effortlessly create and deliver engaging eLearning content that dynamically adapts to various screen sizes and orientations. The all-new media blocks in Adobe Captivate allow you to add images, videos, SVG, text and characters that seamlessly resize and reposition based on screen sizes.

Responsive text blocks

Save time while developing courses for all device sizes, as every content created using Adobe Captivate is responsive by default. Add text content in multiple layouts and formats using responsive text blocks. Ensure a visually appealing experience across all platforms as the blocks automatically adjust size, placement and formatting to perfectly fit the learner's screen.

Multi-device preview

Eliminate the guesswork. With just a click of a button, preview exactly how your content will look on devices of different sizes, in landscape and portrait screen orientations. At any point in time while authoring, easily check your course’s responsiveness by selecting the icons for desktop vs. tablet vs. mobile and getting a quick preview.

Live device preview

See exactly how your eLearning content will play out on your learners’ devices. Use the live preview feature in Adobe Captivate to generate a QR code that you can scan using a mobile device and mirror the project real-time on your device browser.

Widget gallery

Enrich your courses with engaging interactivity. With the all-new Widget gallery, creating advanced interactions is now a smooth ride. Effortlessly build drag-and-drop, click-to-reveal, flip cards, image carousels, hotspots, timelines and much more without programming. Choose a widget, plug in your images and text content and get ready to enthral your audience.

Drag and drop

Make eLearning fun with drag-and-drop games, quizzes and learning modules that can run on any device. Select the drag-and-drop widget and set up the relationships between the drag item and drop target to implement learning outcomes more visually.


Make your courses enjoyable as you reveal information only when a learner clicks. Add the widget and plug in your image, text and captions to create a click-to-reveal interaction without coding.


Grab your learners’ attention by enabling them to click hotspots to access additional information. Simply select the hotspot widget, increase or decrease the number of hotspots on the slide, design the hotspots using SVGs or design options and add your informational content in the call-outs.

Image carousel

Engage your learners with visual storytelling. Showcase a series of images in an interactive format. Increase learner retention by allowing learners to navigate through the carousel using intuitive controls and gestures, enabling them to explore and interact with the visual content at their own pace.

Tabs widget

Enhance the learning experience by organising your content into visually appealing and interactive tabs. Optimise screen space and effectively present a large amount of information in a compact and organised format. Allow learners to quickly jump to the information they need without the need to scroll through lengthy pages or modules.

Flip card

Improve learner engagement by incorporating visually appealing flip cards into your courses without programming. Add the widget to your slide, select the number of cards you want and swap the image and text. Mimic the physical act of flipping a card and allow learners to click or tap on a card to reveal information on the other side.


Seamlessly present chronological information and events in a visually compelling and interactive manner. Enable learners to navigate through historical events, project milestones or any sequential information effortlessly. Add the timeline widget, customise it with your images and text and easily allow learners to navigate forward and backward.


Successful completion of your courses deserves to be acknowledged and certified. Easily generate visually appealing certificates by selecting a design option of your choice and properly defining variables like name, course name and more.

Forced navigation

Ensure that your learners do not skip lessons to complete your course. Allow your learners to navigate to the next slide, page or content only after they finish interacting with all the sections in your widgets.

Software simulations

Offer your learners immersive and hands-on experiences by enabling them to learn and practice using your software applications in a risk-free and controlled environment. In a single recording session, create 'Demo', 'Training' and 'Assessment' modules by easily capturing on-screen keyboard activities, system audio and mouse movements.

Interactive videos

Liven up demos and training videos by making them interactive. Record your own or bring in existing YouTube or Vimeo videos. Add informational slides or knowledge check questions as overlays at specific points in the video. Add bookmarks in the timeline to aid learner remediation. Customise feedback options for answers and interactions.

Overlay slides

Elevate learner engagement with overlay slides in Adobe Captivate. Easily insert these slides at any point in your slides or videos, creating a new level of interactivity. Mark any slide as an overlay and add it to your video timeline, enriching the learning experience.


Maximise engagement in your courses by strategically placing bookmarks on your slide or video timeline. Introduce interactive elements or additional layers of content that enrich learning experience. Easily add overlays or timed animations to capture your learners’ attention.

Video grid

Introducing video grid in Adobe Captivate. It brings together multiple video streams in a visually appealing grid-like arrangement. Now you can enable learners to watch and interact with multiple videos on the same slide, thereby preventing disconnect between videos on the same topic.

Assorted interactive components

Improve learner retention by making sure they are involved while going through your content. Simply add readily available interactive components like buttons, input fields, radio groups, tickboxes and drop downs. Edit the text, colour and styling to suit your narrative and slide themes.

Table of Content

Enable your learners to easily navigate through your course by creating a Table of Content with just one click. Give a clear overview of your course content. The tool will automatically generate your TOC while you can rearrange the topics and organise the structure.

Configurable playbar

Amplify learner engagement and retention by adding a playbar to your course. Apart from Next and Back buttons, easily show or hide play button, closed captions, TOC, mute options, Tooltips and much more.

Quizzes and knowledge checks

Evaluate your learners’ progress and understanding with ease. Cherry-pick from a selection of question slides like multiple-choice, true or false, match the columns, rearrange the sequence and much more, to effortlessly design thought-provoking quizzes.

Multi-state objects

Enhance seamless navigation and interaction by allowing learners to interact with objects in ways never seen before. Make complex workflows intuitive with just a few clicks by enabling unlimited number of customised or in-built states for images, text, buttons and more.

JavaScript support

Want to program your own interactions and games? Use JavaScript coding to build advanced interactions for your slides, objects, images, SVGs and much more.

Share for review

Leverage your team’s collective genius, as you seamlessly share projects for collaborative review. Generate multiple review links for the same project to share with different groups of stakeholders. Easily refresh the existing review links with updated content. No software installation is required for reviewers, ensuring accessibility and ease of collaboration.

Precise Commenting

Achieve excellence by sharing valuable feedback on your team’s projects. Easily add comments for the different slides. Be crystal clear and unambiguous by commenting separately for desktop, tablet and mobile view of each slide. With just one click the device type, see the comments meant for the respective device view. Effortlessly edit, reply to, resolve and delete comments and tag the relevant stakeholders.

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