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Turn ideas into illustrations with Text to Vector Graphic.

Use a simple text prompt to generate scalable, fully editable vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator, powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI.

Create incredible graphics in Illustrator with generative AI.

Spark your imagination, iterate on design concepts and swiftly create fully editable illustrations with Text to Vector Graphic. Just type a simple description to generate scalable, customisable icons, scenes and patterns. Plus, use your own artwork as a reference to create on-brand assets for websites, posters and more.

Beefburger graphic created with Text to Vector Graphic tool

Edit and customise.

Illustrations generated with Text to Vector Graphic are fully editable, infinitely scalable and created on their own new layer. Use the precise editing tools in Illustrator to tweak every part of your graphic to create a totally one-of-a-kind design that you can use anywhere.

Text to Vector Graphic of a tiger

Design bold icons and beyond.

With Text to Vector Graphic you can tailor your results for specific design outcomes. Choose from Scene, Subject, Icon and Pattern outputs to make the exact vector graphic you need, whether that’s a simple illustration fit for a logo or a bold motif to decorate packaging with.

Text to Vector Graphic of a stlylised wave crashing on a beach

Make designs in your own style.

Use your own artwork as a reference image to generate new vectors in a similar style. Quickly create complementary images for social and beyond — high-quality, quick-turn marketing graphics are just a few taps away.

Text to Vector Graphic of a hot air balloon hovering over the ground

Brainstorm and find inspiration.

Starting a new project? Put together a mood board using images generated with Text to Vector Graphic, for yourself or to share with a team. With Text to Vector Graphic, it’s simple to explore similar graphics made in different styles, themes and colour combinations.

How to use Text to Vector Graphic.

How to Use Text to Vector Graphic

1. Open Illustrator.

If you don’t have an Illustrator subscription, sign up for a free trial. If you have Illustrator, make sure to update your app to get all the latest features like Text to Vector Graphic.

2. Locate the Text to Vector Graphic tools.

Create a new project in Illustrator or open a pre-existing one. The Text to Vector Graphic taskbar will appear at the bottom of your workspace and settings will appear in the Properties panel. To open the Text to Vector Graphic panel go to Window > Text to Vector Graphic.

3. Generate your graphic.

Type a description like “misty morning mountains” into the prompt field in the taskbar. Click Generate. Thumbnails of graphic options will appear in the Properties panel. Select an option to view it on your canvas. Learn more about how to write AI art prompts that get results.

4. Fine-tune your results.

Adjust the settings before you generate to get a specific outcome. Choose a Type to generate a subject, scene, icon or pattern. Text to Vector Graphic will automatically generate assets in the style of graphics on your artboard unless you click the gear icon and toggle off “Match active artboard style.” Or, you can click the dropper icon to activate the Style Picker and select references images to create graphics in that style. Use a blank artboard to generate vectors from only a text prompt.

5. Edit your vector.

Once you’ve generated an image you like, you can click Done in the taskbar and then perform quick edits like grouping and ungrouping images, duplicating objects or recoloring. Select Recolor to open the Recolor panel, where you can adjust hues manually or choose the Generative Recolor option to explore new colour palettes with text prompts.

6. Go further.

Open the Layers panel to select and edit individual parts of your graphic. A generated vector is just the beginning — use the many precise editing tools in Illustrator to make your image your own.

Questions? We have answers.

Text to Vector Graphic is a groundbreaking new feature powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI that enables Illustrator users to create fully editable vector graphics using a simple text prompt. This is the first version of Text to Vector Graphic and it will continue to evolve based on community feedback.

Use the Text to Vector Graphic tool in Illustrator to generate fully editable, scalable vector images with a simple text prompt. Type a description into the prompt field and click Generate to create icons, patterns, scenes and more and use reference images to generate vectors in similar style.

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