Don’t just take our word for it, let our users speak for us.


"With FrameMaker XML Author, Adobe has created a cost-effective tool for technical authors who do not need the WYSIWYG editing environment of the full product. As FrameMaker XML Author includes a well-designed XPath search engine and has a choice of two built-in XSLT processors, there is not much more you need to create a low-budget authoring solution for XML-based structured content."
—Jang Graat, The Content Era 
"There is SO much that Adobe FrameMaker XML Author brings to the game when it comes to support for DITA 1.3 in a 'publish ready' tool. Once I sync up client templates with DITA, they are off and running. We can get them trained, supported, and published in days or weeks, not months. There is no need to 'dive into stylesheets' to customize the appearance of PDF. Publishing through the DITA Open Toolkit is supported; but why bother? There is so much more to FrameMaker and DITA."
—Bernard Aschwanden, Founder and President, Publishing Smarter
“As more and more companies convert to structured authoring using DITA or other XML standards, the need to facilitate the work of non-specialist and casual authors has become acute. The new release of Adobe FrameMaker XML Author takes a major step forward by providing out-of-the-box workspace solutions to help such authors write easily and maintain the rules of the underlying model, while masking the inner workings of XML.”
—Ray Gallon, Owner, Culturecom and co-founder, The Transformation Society 
"Adobe FrameMaker XML Author now handles MathML and SVG as a part of DITA 1.3. Technical details haven't been forgotten either with scoped keys, UXWindow controls, metadata for release management, delivery targets, and the highlight domain. There is just so much to DITA 1.3 that is supported, right out-of-the-box!"
—Bernard Aschwanden, Founder and President, Publishing Smarter
“Adobe FrameMaker XML Author allows users to create bidirectional XML content and includes an even more enhanced Quick Element toolbar for instant insertion of common elements. Even novices could use this product as they can easily create XML content without knowing XML using the simplified XML authoring environment.”
—Thomas Aldous, The Content Era
"Many changes have been made to the way tables work in the new release of Adobe FrameMaker XML Author and it makes table development and use so much easier. For example, navigation between cells with the traditional 'up/down/left/right' arrows is how I expect to work. And now I can. When developing a template based on default templates, I've wanted to pick from more than just 'Format A' and 'Format B' to begin with. And now I can. Working with tables is easier and faster now in FrameMaker."
—Bernard Aschwanden, Founder and President, Publishing Smarter