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What is Adobe FrameMaker?


The 2017 release of Adobe FrameMaker is the industry-standard tool for authoring and publishing multilingual technical content across mobile, web, desktop, and print. Easily work with unstructured and structured content in the same documentation. Work faster and smarter with advanced XML/DITA capabilities. Publish content as Responsive HTML5, Mobile App, PDF, EPUB, and more.

Get introduced to Adobe FrameMaker (2017 release)
See how you can enhance your workflow through the entire content lifecycle, from creation to review and publishing.
Easily move from Word to Adobe FrameMaker (2017 release)
Solve many of the documentation problems you face by moving from Word to Adobe FrameMaker with ease!
Get familiar with Structured FrameMaker (2017 release)
Make the move from unstructured authoring to the more powerful structured authoring.
Explore XML/DITA Authoring in FrameMaker (2017 release)
Leverage the powerful authoring environment and different views to create DITA content with ease.


See what industry experts have to say about the latest release.


Leading brands are succeeding with RoboHelp.


Leading brands are succeeding with RoboHelp.


Leading brands are succeeding with RoboHelp.


Leading brands are succeeding with RoboHelp.

Dieter Gust
“The 2017 release of Adobe FrameMaker is the only solution in market which covers all major needs out-of-the box in editing and publishing for any device in any language based on XML technology or on classic DTP technology.”
—Dieter Gust, Member of the Supervisory Board, Director of Research & Development, itl
Bernard Aschwanden
“Adobe FrameMaker (2017 release) totally changes the way DITA is delivered as HTML5. Using the Dynamic Content Filter I can deliver content for multiple products and let my customers decide what to see...”
—Bernard Aschwanden, Founder and President, Publishing Smarter


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Accelerates publishing across formats
80% boost in staff efficiency in editing manuals
20% faster development of course content


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