Make Wattpad covers for free in minutes.

Easily create custom Wattpad book covers. No design skills are necessary.

Create your own Wattpad cover

Easily make Wattpad covers that reflect their content.

Your writing is your creative outlet, and Wattpad allows you to connect with others as you hone your skills. With Wattpad, it’s not always enough to just be verbally engaging — you need to stand out with visuals that draw readers in. Wattpad covers are crucial for your writing; after all, who honestly doesn’t judge a book by its cover? Your content will be more clickable and more shareable with a cover that entices, and the cover maker for Wattpad provided by Adobe Express offers thousands of templates that can give your writing the accompanying artwork it needs to propel you further.

Create your own Wattpad cover

How to make Wattpad covers.

Start with inspiration.
First, your image needs to be sized correctly for you to upload it to Wattpad. Choose a portrait-oriented rectangle so that it looks like a standard book cover.
Remix it to make it your own.
There are lots of ways to personalize your Wattpad templates. Change up the copy and font. Sub out the imagery with your photos or browse from thousands of free images right in Adobe Express. Spend as little or as much time as you want to make the graphic your own. With a premium plan, you can even auto-apply your brand logo, colors, and fonts, so you’re always #onbrand.
Amp up the flair.
A background image can draw people in, as it creates a realistic and relatable concept behind your words. Select from our vast library, or upload your own photo, to enhance your cover.
Embody your title in typography.
Obviously, you’ll want to include the title of your work on your Wattpad book covers. Simply type your text into the text box and place it where you want it; then, choose a font that melds with your title.
Publish it with your story.
Once you’ve made all the necessary changes to your cover, you’re ready to release it into the wild. Download your cover and add it to your Wattpad story, or share it directly to social media as a teaser for a story that’s in the works.

Add personality to your custom Wattpad cover.

Just as you’ve crafted a vision for your writing, you undoubtedly have an idea of how your cover should look. Fear not — your Adobe Express Wattpad cover is fully customizable, so you can adjust any part that may be amiss. Change the filter on your background to quickly bring your image to the forefront or give it a more subdued tone. You can also resize text and alter the font color so your title grabs more attention. Making changes is as easy as the click of a button — you don’t have to spend hours on your imagery.

Attract more readers with the perfect cover.

Even excellent writing can’t always speak for itself. Our Wattpad book cover maker can assist you with brainstorming and designing a cover that piques curiosity and engages your readers on a whole new level. The best part is that you don’t need to have a design background to come up with a stunning image. In mere moments, you can enjoy a free, professional-looking cover that pumps up your stories and raises your cred.