Go Back to School with Adobe Express: Everything You Need to Rock the Year

Gone are the days of dull reports, ho-hum assignments, and sleep-inducing presentations. Whether you’re collaborating on a big group project or simply need to create a school poster, Adobe Express injects creativity into every assignment and makes homework feel a little more like play. Plus we’re hooking you up with built-in templates and starting points that teachers and students can use from homecoming to graduation! Consider this your cheat sheet for rockin’ the school year.

Starting Points for A+ Projects

For photo-rich essays, presentations, newsletters, recaps, or visual reports, Adobe Express gives you all the polish of a professionally designed web page, with just a few easy uploads on your part. (Check out this quick tutorial!) For easy video projects, add photos, video clips, text, and icons to Adobe Express and rejoice in smooth transitions, free soundtrack options, easy editing, and customizable fonts and colors. Want to go the extra mile? Create eye-catching infographics with Adobe Express and then use those graphics in a webpage or video created in Adobe Express for a multimedia story that only looks like it took you forever. By building reports in Adobe Express, creating graphics in Adobe Express, and telling your story with video created in Adobe Express you’ll bring your hard work to life and stand out from the crowd. To get started in seconds, dive into this collection of templates and The Noun Project icons for every subject that you can add to any project format.



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DIY Flashcards & Other Study Buddies

A finished assignment is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to learning. You might also need day planners to help you prioritize, worksheets to stay on track, and customizable flashcards to help you study for a test. Best of all, customizing our templates with your specifics can help you learn and retain information. Win-win!

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Organize the year!

Classroom Creations

Lesson plans, worksheets, classroom posters, report cards–a teacher’s work is never done. But we’re here to help with fully customizable templates for anything an educator may need to create. And the best part? It’s free!



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Adobe Express 101: Tips & Tricks

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