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If we’ve learned anything from Christmas music being played on the radio earlier and earlier every year, it’s that the holiday season doesn’t wait to get started. The last month of the year is filled with festivities, a wonderful winter procession of parties, entertainment, and events. It’s a happy, exciting time — and also hectic.

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to produce stunning social media graphics to post for Hanukkah, a solopreneur who wants to wow your customers with a beautifully designed Christmas card, or an amateur party planner seeking to send fun and fancy-looking New Year’s Eve party invitations to your family and friends, you want to celebrate the season with style and create captivating holiday content. And you really want to do it quickly and easily.

When you’re so busy decking the halls, holiday shopping for family and friends, hanging your stockings above the chimney with care, and hurrying to finish up end-of-year business, it can be difficult to come up with artistic holiday designs and professional-quality content from scratch.

You may not think you have the free time or creative ability to spread the sort of holiday cheer that amazes your family and friends or impresses your colleagues and customers. But you do — and you should. With beautiful holiday design templates, you can create seasonal content like Christmas cards, social graphics, and event invitations for free in minutes.

Holiday card design — it’s the thought that counts (but looks are good too)

Think about how you feel when someone mails you a “Season’s Greetings” card or you get a nice email wishing you happy holidays. While it may seem like a small thing, receiving a personal holiday card can be a cheerful moment at a stressful time. Sending one shows you took the time and effort to create something festive — and that you were thinking about the person.

Sending a holiday card may seem like an extra thing to do in an already jam-packed time of year. But using powerful free tools and professionally designed templates can make it easy, fast, and fun. You’ll be the talk of your company Slack channel or family text thread in no time.

Since 2016, millennials have made up the largest portion of the workforce. While younger generations grew up around technology and have been exposed to instant messaging since a young age, many of them still see the value in giving or receiving a good old-fashioned holiday card. “Millennials respond to the analog nature of things. Cards are kind of an organic and pure thing that is anti-digital and really a throwback, sort of like LPs,” said Patrick Priore, chief product officer of Paper Source.

Holiday cards can be a great way to show your employees and clients how much you appreciate their hard work or loyal business. You don’t need to write an essay — just keep it short, sweet, heartfelt, and personal. Tell them that you are thinking of and value them. Thank them and wish them happy holidays or a successful New Year.

Your employees and clients are already familiar with your brand, but sharing even a simple holiday card can show a different side of your business that’s more personal and human. Including bright and merry holiday photos — for example, images of employees collaborating, a valued customer looking satisfied, or your own family at home — makes your cards warmer and much more memorable.

Whether sending a PDF or a printed card, sharing some season’s greetings from your business is more meaningful than a generic email or text. Adobe Express has plenty of handsome holiday templates — including Christmas card design ideas if you need some inspiration. You can choose traditional holiday colors or incorporate your company’s branding into a custom template.

Adobe Express makes it easy to design custom Christmas cards, Hanukkah cards, and other holiday cards. Get started with free holiday card templates or make your own original design.

Create your Christmas card now.

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Create your holiday card now.

Holiday social graphic designs bring connection, comfort, and joy

Sharing holiday social media posts is an important part of the season. In particular, Christmas and New Year’s are flooded with posts sharing messages that all sound pretty similar, but there are ways that you can make your social media stand out and succeed — such as with heartfelt Merry Christmas messages or funny Happy New Year quotes.

Posting highlights from the past year and all the contributions employees and clients have made to the brand can capture your audience’s interest. This also gives you a chance to show off your work and attract new followers and potential customers. Visuals are more memorable than copy by itself. In general, but especially on Facebook, posts that include visual assets receive far higher engagement than posts with text alone.

Social media extends a holiday message that reaches beyond the inner circle of your employees and clients. While you may have sent out a general holiday card, social media gives you more opportunities to celebrate specific events. You can wish followers a “Happy Hanukkah” or a “Joyous Kwanzaa” to recognize important holidays for those communities.

Throughout the holiday season, you can create gorgeous-looking, nondenominational “Winter Wonderland” posts to brighten people’s feeds during cold, dark days. While these types of social posts may seem like soft, “fluff” content, they appeal to people’s emotions and associate your brand with happiness and a sense of community during the holiday season.

Adobe Express has templates for you to easily create free Facebook cover photos, captivating Instagram stories, and any other kind of social graphics you might want — without taking time away from wrapping gifts or visiting family and friends.

Create your New Year social media graphics now.

Create your custom Facebook Christmas cover photo now.

’Tis the season to design holiday party invitations that delight

People love being invited to things. Even amid all the hustle and bustle of the season, receiving an invitation to a Christmas dinner, New Year’s party, or other holiday event makes you feel included and special.

If you’re the one planning, you want it to be a can’t-miss event — and that starts with an unforgettable invitation. The perfect invitation is striking and shareable. Whether you're planning a business event or a family party, the holiday invitations you send should grab people’s attention and make them count the minutes until it starts.

You don’t even need to put them in the physical mail — just sharing a festive PDF can brighten someone’s day. Offering a warm welcome with an incredible invitation makes it hard for people to resist showing up because they can see the time and effort you took to create it.

According to guidelines from UCLA, your invitation should include:

  1. Name of the host
  2. Invitational (cordially invites you to, and so on)
  3. Event name and purpose
  4. Date
  5. Hour
  6. Place
  7. Reply instructions (e.g., phone number)
  8. Disabled instructions (e.g., email)
  9. Attire instructions (e.g., casual or formal)
  10. Directions

Beyond that, let your creativity take over with stunning imagery, sharp typography, and other fabulous designs. Or if a blank canvas is daunting and you need some ideas, get inspired with some professional-looking invitation templates. Customize them for your needs.

Adobe’s eye-catching invitation templates include everything you need to get your employees, clients, family, or friends excited about the most wonderful time of the year.

Adobe Express has templates for any event, from customized Christmas invitations to holiday party flyers that you can create for free in minutes.

Create your Christmas party invitation now.

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Create your holiday party flyer now.

Designing great holiday content can change the way clients and employees view a company and leave a positive lasting impression. We’re all busy this time of year, but taking the time to create and deliver beautiful cards, social posts, and event invitations is a great way to remind people how much you care — and it can signal a happy, healthy business as well.

Adobe Express offers a wide array of designs and templates to give you some festive inspiration, and you can personalize content with your own text and images — so it perfectly captures the mood and occasion.

There’s no place like home for the holidays, and thanks to Adobe Express, you don’t have to leave yours to create some winter magic.

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