30+ Free iPhone wallpaper ideas and templates to customize for your phone



Whether taking on a new personal project or simply looking for a different aesthetic, you’ve got a blank canvas right there on your phone that can serve as a constant source of inspiration. If you need a little help getting started, we’ve got plenty of free customizable templates to play around with until you find the right background for you.

Adobe Express wallpaper templates can be applied to a variety of smartphones, including both iPhone and Android models, so find something that piques your interest in our template library and try it out!

How to apply your iPhone wallpaper

Before you choose the perfect iPhone background, let’s go over how to customize your iPhone wallpaper ideas in the first place.

  1. Any wallpaper template you choose can be edited within the Adobe Express app. After customizing the template to your needs, save it to your phone’s photo library.
  2. Within the Settings app, tap on Wallpaper.
  3. Tap “Add New Wallpaper,” which will lead you to selections that can replace your current wallpaper.
  4. Select the new background you’ve saved and apply it to either your Home Screen, or Lock Screen, or both!

How to customize your iPhone wallpaper

When using Adobe Express to customize your new phone background, there are a few ways to make your wallpaper template personalized for your needs:

  1. Add text.
  1. Edit or change backgrounds.
  1. Play with design elements.

Choose the right iPhone wallpaper for you

Your phone wallpaper says a lot about you, and creative inspiration for that wallpaper is everywhere. Get ideas from Pinterest, pull inspo from fellow content creators, or go outside and make note of nature, architecture, and design elements wherever you go.

If you need help with deciding on which color palettes are right for you, take a look at these Adobe Express articles about the best color combos for different purposes and creative color ideas for digital assets.

Aesthetic wallpapers for your iPhone:

The good news is that there’s a bunch of options for you to choose from when it comes to your phone wallpaper. There’s a wallpaper for every aesthetic out there, and the following is just a peek into the vast array of mobile backdrops available on Adobe Express right now.

Abstract wallpapers

Show the world how artistic you are with these creative mobile backgrounds that add a pop of color to your phone.

Natural wallpapers

It can be easy to get bogged down staring at screens all the time. Remind yourself of the great outdoors with these lush phone wallpapers that celebrate the natural world.

Motivational wallpapers

If you’ve been feeling down during your workday lately, try wallpapers that have motivational quotes to keep you supported and on task. You can also edit the template to input a quote that resonates most with you.

Animal wallpapers

Are you an animal person? Customize these dynamic wallpaper templates with photos of your pets or your favorite wild animals to evoke an untamed feel.

Wallpapers with pictures from your camera roll

We all have camera rolls packed with photos we never get to look at enough. Change that up by adding photos you love and want to see more to these phone background templates.

Pink aesthetic wallpapers

Pink has the ability to be both passionately vibrant and soothingly pastel. Find the shade that works best for you with these phone backgrounds that embrace a pink aesthetic.

Blue aesthetic wallpapers

Blue phone wallpapers can make you feel serene and secure. Find out which emotions these blue backgrounds evoke when you use them on your phone!

Black aesthetic wallpapers

Whether a mall goth or a metalhead, a minimalist or a sophisticate, black mobile wallpapers will meet your phone aesthetic needs. Try these templates to find your ideal monochrome background.

Collage wallpaper backgrounds for your phone

Do you have photos that are near and dear to you that you’d like displayed more prominently on your phone? Make a collage! Customize these collage-style phone wallpaper templates with your own fun photos.

Free Adobe Express wallpaper template examples

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