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Usage Guidelines

Understand the guidelines for using materials such as images, screenshots and text that are copyrighted by Adobe and materials such as logos, marks and icons that are trademarked by Adobe.


Using Adobe trademarks

Learn the guidelines for using Adobe trademarks, including logos.
Are you a developer? See the trademark guidelines for developers of third-party plug-ins and extensions for Adobe products.
Trademark guidelines
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Using images and user guides

Learn the guidelines for using images, materials and user guides that come with an Adobe product, are available in the Adobe Newsroom or are displayed on
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Using Adobe icons and web logos

Learn the guidelines for using Adobe product icons, including the Adobe PDF file icon and Adobe web logos, such as  the Get Adobe Reader linking badge.
Icon and web logo guidelines

Intellectual Property Takedown Requests

Understand how we handle copyright and trademark issues related to user-generated content on our hosted services.


Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice and Counter Notice Guidelines

Learn about Adobe's DMCA guidelines or file a DMCA notice, counter notice or trademark complaint using our online form.
DMCA Policy

Important note on image usage rights

Some Adobe services and applications include integrated Google or Flickr image search features. Before you use those websites to search for and
import images directly into your own project or workspace, make sure that you review the specific image licences and terms of re-use. Join us in respecting the intellectual property rights of photographers and creative professionals everywhere.
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Materials on

See Terms of Use for additional information and specific use guidelines.

Adobe Newsroom materials

Send requests for use of press releases, press materials or other materials found in the Adobe Newsroom to