Make your own photo filters with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom presets.

Go beyond Instagram filters with powerful editing tools that allow you to create, share, upload and edit photo adjustment settings. 

Showcasing the application of a photo filter to a landscape image.

Create unique photo filters with a versatile photo editor.

Many photo editing apps allow you to apply a few filters and photo effects to alter images, but with Lightroom presets you can view and adjust your settings to craft distinct filters as singular as your style. Why run your photos through a filter app that makes you look like everyone else when you can make a statement with your work? Plus, you can save your presets for future use to tackle workflows with speed and consistency.


Find your style with Lightroom’s photo editing tools.

Fine-tune your perfect photo.
Whether you want a vibrant modern look or want to go retro with a black-and-white or sepia filter, Lightroom presets allow you to tailor-make your own filters. Explore presets and build different filters to edit photos effortlessly across multiple batches of work.


Explore presets to find the best filter.
Import free filter packs from professional photographers and grow your library of photo editing references. Lightroom presets are a great educational tool. With all the settings free for you to view, you can see how a look was achieved and build your knowledge before you start creating your own presets.


Share your best photo presets.
Create a look you love and share it with a creative community of photographers so they can bring the same vibe to their photos. Seeing how others use and adjust your settings can help you to gain a new perspective on your work.


Edit and share your photos from any device.
Always be ready to edit with Lightroom’s cross-platform syncing, whether you prefer editing at home on your desktop or on mobile with a photo app on iPhone’s iOS or a Google Pixel. You can apply and adjust presets to professional photography or simple selfies and share them from anywhere.

Person standing between desert sandstone mountains.

How to start using preset filters with your photos.

Discover all you can do with Lightroom presets, how to learn from the high-quality work of other photographers and how quickly you can start using these skills via Lightroom on any device.


Kick off photo editing with a profile.
You can save yourself time and unify the look of your work by creating profiles — a fast, easy way to apply your desired look to raw photo files before you begin editing.

Dogsled team on the run through a winter landscape.
Music artist performing in front of a large crowd at an outdoor concert.

Adjust photos with presets.
Explore all the different ways that adding a preset can change the look of your photos, then start importing and creating your own.


Examine the ins and outs of black-and-white filters.
Get a free Lightroom preset file of an atmospheric black-and-white photo and learn how the effect was achieved. Then practice adjusting those settings to create your own version.


Apply filters on-the-go.
Keep your editing suite at your fingertips by learning how to apply presets and edit photos from anywhere on any device.


Whether you’re posting to social media or aiming to hang your work in a gallery, go beyond the limited filter options of most app purchases and create truly unique photo effects with your own presets in Lightroom.

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