Discover video, motion and audio.

Uncover helpful introductory insights on filming and audio recording and learn more about advanced editing techniques.

What is dynamic range?

Learn about the dynamic range of your camera and how to manipulate it to create the images you want.

An overview of film grain.

See how this technique can help bring a stylized and evocative effect to your work.

Set the scene with an establishing shot.

Establishing shots are crucial because they tell us where, and often when, the action is happening.

Setting up a home recording studio.

Explore the basics of creating a space at home to capture high-quality audio.

How Steadicam can bring professionalism to your footage.

Learn how this powerful device can help you capture great, stable footage.

A shot list is your on-set life preserver.

Learn how to create a shot list that guides the crew through all of the day’s camera setups.

The best audio file for audiophiles.

Lossy or lossless? Compressed or uncompressed? Find the audio format that fits your needs.

Music mixing dos and don’ts for beginners.

Get tips on how to begin your exploration of music mixing.

Finding the best DAW for your audio needs.

Learn how to select the right mixing platform for your music production or podcast.

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Boom microphone in a podcast studio.

The basics of podcasting.

Learn the basics to help you break into this popular audio medium.

Editing a video on a smartphone.

Introduction to video editing.

Learn the principles of video editing and practical tips for both big and small screens.

Landscape shot of the sky and a mountain reflecting in water.

Understanding camera shots in film
Explore the most common camera shots and learn when and how to use them to greatest effect.

Music producer using a graphic equalizer to fine tune their audio.

Raise your EQ IQ: A primer on graphic equalizers.
Learn how to use a graphic equalizer to alter sound by boosting or cutting certain frequency bands.

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