Equipment doesn’t matter as much as how you use it.
You don’t need anything special to start shooting and uploading your own ASMR video. Some ASMR celebrities might use high-end binaural microphones that transmit separate sounds to the left and right ears, but most use the affordable Blue Yeti. You can even start with the built-in microphone on your phone. Karuna Satori uses a Blue Yeti, but sometimes she still makes “lo-fi” videos with her iPhone’s mic. The main thing, says the ASMRtist known as ASMR Glow, is to “pay attention to everything you do. Even if you take a single step, it’s going to make a lot of noise.” Of course, you can always edit out bad takes or accidental noise with Adobe Premiere Pro after you’ve shot your video.


Lighting throughout these videos varies, but ASMR Glow recommends keeping the lights low, since “people are trying to relax and fall asleep.”


As far as cameras go, Satori and ASMR Glow shoot their videos with their iPhones on tripods. “My camera is always on a tripod, but I really play with the angles because if the camera is from below, I feel like it’s more reassuring, more comforting,” ASMR Glow says.


You can record these videos anywhere that’s quiet (Satori records in her mother’s attic) and you can treat your home recording studio to minimise outside sounds.


Being yourself matters the most.
The ASMRtists who build the biggest followings do so not because of high production value, but because they build a relationship with their audience. Viewers begin to feel like they know them and that familiarity allows them to relax more easily with every video. “The more you make a person feel like they’re included, the more they’ll stick around and form a trust. The more open you are — the more real — the better,” says Satori.


As with other arts, when you’re starting out, the important thing is to discover your own unique voice. “Always focus on yourself at first,” Satori says. “Once you start building an audience, then you can start listening to them.”


Create the content you want to see.
Try to recall the ASMR triggers you’ve experienced and recreate them on camera. Odds are other people out there can relate. “Do what makes you feel relaxed,” Satori says. “I always work off of triggers and situations that have happened in my life because everybody’s different.”


ASMR Glow offers similar advice: “Stand out and be as creative as possible. Really put your personality in your videos. Even if you think an idea is mad, you should try it. Be bold.”

What to do when people ask if it’s sexual.

Tell them it’s usually not. Part of this misconception arises from early descriptions of the sensation including terms like “brain orgasm.” Sexual ASMR is a whole separate genre, Satori says. “But ASMR in itself is not sexual. It’s a simple feeling.”


“It’s about intimacy, not sex,” ASMR Glow says. “It gives health benefits to so many different people in so many different ways, so why categorise it like that?”


A final piece of advice: When you get in front of the camera, try to be as relaxed and calm as you want your viewers to feel. Be yourself, recall your first or best ASMR experiences and project that peacefulness, that gentleness out into the world.


Then, edit your ASMR video on your phone or computer and share to YouTube, Instagram or other popular social channels. Who knows? Maybe you’ll whisper your way into becoming the next ASMR celebrity.

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