Evaluation Resources — Beginner

These resources are designed to enable new users to start developing Java applications with Macromedia JRun. These four steps will enable you to rapidly develop and reliably deploy high-performance, scalable Java applications.

Download and install JRun

If you haven't already purchased JRun 4, you can download a developer or trial version for free. After you've successfully installed JRun, you're ready for Step 2.

Discover what you can accomplish with JRun

Visit the JRun product information pages to learn about JRun components and top features with downloadable datasheets, information kits, and technical FAQs.

Build up your skills with Macromedia Developer Resources

Your primary source of technical information on JRun, Developer Resources includes technical articles, links to free seminars and discussion groups, consolidated reference materials, and more to help you get started developing and deploying Java applications quickly and reliably.

Take the Next Step

Buy Macromedia JRun from the Adobe Online Store. You can download and receive delivery from anywhere in the world.

After you've evaluated JRun, you can easily move to a production license—without reinstalling—by changing the serial number in the JRun Management Console (JMC). When you purchase a commercial license, you simply need to enter the serial number in the JMC to enable functionality and activate the license. To contact us directly in the US and Canada, call 888-939-2545. Outside the US and Canada, call (+1) 617-219-2100.

Additional Resources

Macromedia JRun Support Center

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