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Who is Adobe?
Adobe Inc. is one of the largest and most diversified software companies in the world and the global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions. Adobe Singapore serves as the sales office for Southeast Asia.

Adobe is virtually everywhere you look; from TV and movies to magazines, websites, and business applications. In short, Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information. Adobe continues to market and license a broad portfolio of products and solutions, with primary focus on three strategic areas: Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Experience Cloud.

Why teach digital literacy and creativity in the classroom?
In today’s digital age, individuals must be able to express ideas and communicate information effectively using a full range of digital media and formats, from dynamic documents and images to animations, videos, mobile applications, and more.

Educators are increasingly integrating digital tools into the classroom to inspire a passion for learning and help students develop the skills to succeed in school and in today’s modern automated workforce.  Teachers are finding they can boost student achievement and outcomes with more visual, technology-aligned curricula that support academic rigor and promote real-world proficiency.

Why Adobe Creative Cloud for K12?
  • Students can use industry-leading, easy to use, digital tools to express themselves and develop their “personal brand”
  • Digital skillsets are requirement for not only higher education, but also jobs in this innovation economy
  • Libraries on campus can be transformed into collaborative spaces that provide access to data for visualization and analysis
  • Faculty can create interactive eLearning courses and training materials that enable instant measurement of student progress
  • Administrators can maximize efficiency with online learning, business automation and standards-based technologies that promote information security and accessibility

What are the educational benefits of participating in this campaign?
  • Universal access to Adobe software and services for faculty, staff and students
  • Deployment options support school-owned and students’ devices (BYOD)
  • Streamlined purchasing and license management
  • Simplified compliance and version control
  • Option to add-on other Adobe enterprise solutions

What are the terms and conditions for this campaign?
Each participating school is responsible for its own order and payment to ANPS. Each participating school will be required to sign a participation form.  PT Tekno Logika Utama, an Adobe platinum level reseller, who is based in Jakarta, has been selected as the fulfillment partner to support this overall opportunity.
The license duration is three years, paid annually. 
Participating schools are required to spend a minimum of US$1,250 (excluding local taxes), pricing in Indonesia currency will be provided by ANPS and PT Tekno Logika Utama.
In order to secure this price point, a total order value of US$75,000 (excluding local taxes) from ANPS member schools must be purchased. The unit price is based on overall volume of licenses. 
This Adobe/ANPS campaign will run for three years.  During these three years there will be three opportunities to join the campaign.  The first opt-in is Monday, 30 September. The additional opt-ins are as follows: 
  • September 30, 2020
  • September 30, 2021


Payment is made on an annual basis.  All licenses will be generated by October 15, 2019, and will expire on October 14, 2022.
Please note that these scheduled opt-ins are the only times to join the campaign. 

How do I participate in this campaign?
This is a special offering provided to ANPS members only. Please express your interest to participate by contacting ANPS, who will send the required participation forms. The participation form is also available here.

The submission of the completed participation form to ANPS will serve as your purchase order.

How much does the software cost?
The price is as follows:
  • $25/license/year for named user license for faculty and staff (faculty license)
  • $25/license/year for shared device license for the schools’s computers (lab license)*
  • $5/license/year for named user licenses for students (student license)


 * All price exclude taxes. Localized pricing will be provided by ANPS & PT Tekno Logika Utama
* It is expected that schools buy lab licenses for the computers in the computer labs.  It would be a software violation to install the student license on the computer in the computer lab.
All pricing is in USD, and excludes local taxes. Payment terms and conditions are between the school and ANPS. All licenses expire on October 15, 2022.

When do I place my order?
All orders (by signing the participation form) for the first buy-in must be received by Friday, September
27, 2019. Licenses will be available by Tuesday, October 15, 2019.  Future opt-ins are scheduled for: 
  • September 30, 2020
  • September 30, 2021


Please note – these scheduled opt-ins are the only time to join the campaign. 

What if we decide we want to opt-in to the campaign at another time?
Schools may join the campaign only during the established opt-in periods (September 30, 2019; September 30, 2020; and September 30, 2021). This is not a transactional program where schools may join at any time.

How do I order?
By completing and submitting the participation form, this will signify your commitment to participate in the campaign.  ANPS will follow up with you separately to complete the financial transaction.  Should you have any questions, please submit your enquires here

May I buy just a single app, for example, just Photoshop?
This campaign centers around providing a specially priced Creative Cloud offering that includes all Creative Cloud apps. The campaign does not include single apps. Should you want to purchase just a single app, please go to or any Adobe Reseller. It is important to note that a single app purchased through these other means is more expensive than availing of the entire apps provided through this campaign.

May I purchase a perpetual license of Creative Cloud?
No, Creative Cloud is not available as a perpetual license.

May the value of my order be less than US$1,250?
The minimum value per school to participate in the campaign is US$1,250 (excluding local taxes). Should your budget not permit to join this campaign, you may purchase Creative Cloud from or from any Adobe Reseller.

Should I need more licenses than I originally ordered, may I purchase additional licenses later on?
Yes, you may add additional licenses anytime throughout the license duration. On the anniversary date, you would “true-up” for the additional licenses used during the previous year.

I have not budgeted for this exciting program. What are my options?
Should you not be able to join this opt-in, Adobe is offering additional opt-ins on September 30, 2020; and September 30, 2021 for schools to join the campaign and avail of this specially priced offering.  

How long is the license period?
This special Adobe offering for ANPS members will begin on September 30, 2019. The licenses for schools who join on October 15, 2019 will run for three years.  The licenses are paid annually. All licenses expire on October 15, 2022. 

Can faculty/staff/student have their own Creative Cloud license?
Yes!  However, the software must be purchased by the school.  The school will then disseminate Creative Cloud to the individual user.  This is easily done via the Admin Console.  The school may forward the cost of the software to the teacher/staff/student.  This campaign is not set up for individual transactions.

Where may the software be used?
The licenses may be used on all school-owned/leased computers.  The Named User licenses for faculty, staff and students may be used on personal devices.  The software is not limited to just the classroom.  The school itself may acquire software for its school use, too – for example, the marketing department, the PR department, alumni relations, etc may have software through this campaign.

Who may I contact should I have additional questions about this special campaign for ANPS members?
For additional information, you may contact:
Greg Sisk, Adobe Education Manager, at tel: +65-9170-2120 or email:
Lili, PT Tekno Logika Utama Sales, at tel: +62 8558886988 or email:
Rinl, ANPS, at tel: +628122191654 or email:

What is Creative Cloud?
Creative Cloud consists of the world’s best creative tools and services, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat, for creating digital experiences. Almost all content created for any marketing, advertising, or publishing originates from or is managed using Adobe creative tools.

Where can I find more information about the apps included in Creative Cloud?
You can learn all about the latest features in Creative Cloud here.

Where can I find more information on new features in Creative Cloud?
You can learn about the latest version of each Creative Cloud App here.

Will schools have access to the latest version of Creative Cloud during the entire license term?
Yes. Adobe is regularly updating, improving and expanding the Creative Cloud Apps and Services.

Why should I migrate from Creative Suite 6 (CS6) to Creative Cloud (CC)?
The immediate response is that there are 1000 reasons to move to CC - as there has been over 1000 new features/functions added to CC that are not available in CS6. Development for CS6 has stopped. Adobe is focusing only on CC. Companies have all migrated to CC over the last 3 years, and so schools need to be using and teaching the tools that are being used industry.

Which operating systems does Creative Cloud run on?
Minimum system requirements for each of the Creative Cloud apps may be found here.

What is Creative Cloud Shared Device License (SDL)?
A Creative Cloud for education shared device license is an Adobe licensing option for classrooms and labs that allows multiple students to use the same creative application on a single computer without having to log in or authenticate license ownership. CC shared device license does not require ongoing internet connection. Adobe has created extensive FAQs on SDL for academia – these FAQs may be found here.

Do I need to be online to access Creative Cloud Shared Device License Apps? 
You only need to be online once to log on the initial time you access Creative Cloud, and thereafter once every 99 days (approximately once every three months) to authenticate your licenses.  Otherwise, the desktop applications in Creative Cloud, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, are installed directly on your computer, so you don’t need an ongoing internet connection to use them.  To avail of the full features/capabilities of the mobile apps, and the services, you would need internet access.

Are the apps installed on my computer or are they cloud based?
Your Creative Cloud desktop apps (such as Photoshop CC) are installed locally on your computer.

How do I access the applications in Creative Cloud Shared Device Licenses Apps?
The applications are installed and run on your desktop, just like any other desktop application.

Do I have to install an upgrade when it becomes available?
No, you can continue using your current version of the product as long as your license is still active. You have complete flexibility on when and if you wish to install a new release.

Can I send files to people who don’t have Creative Cloud Shared Device License Apps?
Yes, files created in Desktop Apps can be shared like any other file through email, FTP, and so on.  However, if you enable Cloud services, you can share files on a “view-only” basis to people who will be able to view and comment on native Creative Cloud files via a web browser.

What is a Creative Cloud Named User License?
Creative Cloud for education includes a named-user licensing option, where a license is granted to each user rather than each device. A named-user license comes with the ability to install a second copy for the same person on a personally owned device as long as it’s not used simultaneously (known as “work-at-home rights”).

What apps are included in Creative Cloud Named User License?
Named User license includes desktop and mobile apps, and services.

Does the license include mobile apps/services and storage?
Yes. The Creative Cloud Named User License includes mobile applications, services and 100Gb of storage per user for staff and students.

For Creative Cloud Named User Licenses, how often does the user need to sign in to use the software?
On first run, a user is prompted to sign in and will need internet access to do so. The app will remain activated unless a user chooses to sign out of the app. The software would continue to run even if the computer is offline (without internet access) for up to 99 days. The Creative Cloud software verifies the account status on Adobe servers once a day. If the account is in good standing when the last verification happens, the software status refreshes to run for at least 99 days offline.

Who should we contact after we sign the agreement and to understand the Admin Console?
Adobe will be running onboarding sessions to schools who opt-in to the agreement, to help the schools get started with the Admin Console, after the contract has been executed.

What is the process for managing Student license orders?
The school will use the opt-in form to place order for the number of users, which can include student licenses. The total amount for all the user licenses will have to be paid by the school to Adobe via the partner. Schools will have to decide if and how they want to collect payment from the parents/students.

Our school does not use all the software in Creative Cloud. Can we pick and choose which software to deploy to our computers?
Yes. The Admin Console enables the IT admin to add/remove users individually or in bulk (using a csv file). IT will also be able to use the Admin Console to configure and track which users are entitled to which respective Creative Cloud desktop apps, making it convenient to deploy the relevant Creative Cloud app updates for each respective user.  

How does a school add user entitlements to the Admin Console? A school may have many users to deal with. Can this be done in bulk?
Yes. The Admin Console enables the IT admin to add/remove user individual or in bulk (using a csv file). IT will also be able to use the Admin Console to configure and track which users are entitled to which respective Creative Cloud desktop apps, making it convenient to subsequently deploy the relevant Creative Cloud app updates for each respective user subsequently when these are released.

What identity types for named user are supported for use with the console?
The console supports any of the following 3 identity types: 
  • Adobe ID – created and owned by the users
  • Enterprise ID – created and owned by schools
  • Federated ID – linked to the school directory via federation

Please note that a domain needs to be claimed by the school only for implementing Enterprise ID and Federated ID, not for Adobe ID. The domain can be something like or any domain that the school owns. Schools can share the same domain or each school can choose to use its own domain. Refer to the link below to decide which identity type best suit your school.

Who manages the user passwords? School IT or the user?
For Enterprise IDs and Federated IDs, the named user will manage and update their own password in line with each school’s respective IT policy.  For Federated IDs, the school’s IT directory back-end system will be synced with the Admin Console and will authenticate passwords provided for each named user login.

Where do we download the software and how do we package the software for deployment?
The software can be downloaded either from or from within the Creative Cloud Packager (CCP) or from within the Enterprise Dashboard. School IT can then use CCP or Enterprise Dashboard to create the Named license CC package (.msi or Windows and .pkg for Mac). Refer to this link for details.

Can the software package be pushed out via Microsoft SCCM?
Yes, you can do so. Refer to this link for step-by-step instruction here.

For Mac, you can use Apple ARD.

Can a school create packages and give these to student or staff and let them install these on their laptops?
For CC software, as long as the software is NOT packaged with a serial number, the answer is YES. The CC software is licensed based on user credentials. The package itself does not carry the license info. Schools can give out these packages freely. As for the Add-on software, they are serialized packages so school would need to do the installation.

If the school has previously CC serialized software installed on the computers, does CC need to be uninstalled first, then reinstall with the named license package before user can sign in and use the software?
The School’s IT may run the RemoveVolumeLicense executable to remove the serial license from the computers. Then add user entitlements on the Admin Console. When a user runs the software on the computers it will prompt the user to sign in. Having said that, we have recently released the latest version of CC 2018 so it is a good time to remove old versions of CC software and install a new version.

If a teacher has previously held a Creative Cloud license which has since expired, would the teacher be able to use the same email (Adobe ID) with this agreement?
Yes. The Enterprise Dashboard supports Adobe ID, alongside Enterprise ID and Federated ID. Schools may choose to use the same email for the teacher. 

Is there a way for the software packages be stored on a local server as some schools have limited bandwidth?
Yes, schools may setup a local server using our Adobe Update Server Setup Tool which effectively makes the local server as a mirror to our server. Schools may then configure this server for CC software deployment and subsequent updates. Refer to link below for details:

Are there any resources that I may access to learn more about Creative Cloud Apps?
Yes, within this link you will find "What’s New" and "Learn and Support" for each of the desktop applications.

Is there a starting point for teachers to use Creative Cloud software?
Yes, a great starting point for teachers is this “Adobe for Teachers” overview.

Does Adobe have a community for teachers to share ideas?
Yes, the Adobe Education Exchange is a free online community for educators to meet, share, discuss, and collaborate on teaching and learning with Adobe tools to ignite creativity in the classroom. Adobe curriculum, professional development resources and much more is available for free download at this community site.
  • Professional Development – educators may take advantage of many different professional learning opportunities to learn how to teach Adobe software
  • Teaching Resources – educators may access a free educator-created, peer-reviewed teaching resources and curriculum. Over 10,000 hours of teaching materials.
  • Peer-to-peer Collaboration – educators may connect with likeminded peers, share ideas, seek help and support, and grow their status in the Adobe Education Community.

Are there curriculum/project-based materials that I may use in the classroom that incorporates Creative Cloud Desktop Apps?
Yes, 10,000s of hours of free materials may be found within the Adobe Education Exchange.

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