Don’t let data restrictions get you down.

Keeping track of data — and what’s compliant or not — is a tall order. With Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance, you have the power to control how your data should be used and how it’s managed — so you can get the most out of it.



A better way to govern data.
Use labels based on business needs to improve the way you use your data.

Simplify the process.
Save time and resources by using a default set of rich labels across different categories like identity, contractual, and sensitive labels.

See how your data is used.
Minimize inappropriate data usage by warning data stewards about unintended or policy-aberrant data usage.

A single place for data.
Empower data stewards and data privacy specialists to manage data governance policies for their experience data in one place.


Experience Platform Data Governance Features

A single framework for unified data governance.

The value that you get out of your data depends on your knowledge of what data you have and how to manage it. In Experience Platform Data Governance, you have access to a framework that lets you determine how data should be used in your organization, who makes decisions on how to use it, and who manages it. Apply specific labels to data and create and enforce data usage policies, all of which facilitate proper use of data.

Apply specific labels to data based on governance and compliance needs, including contractual, identity, sensitive, and GDPR data labels. Label data anytime, like during connection setup, data ingestion, or after data ingestion.

Apply labels at different levels, like the connection level, the dataset level, or the field level.

Create, manage, and communicate data usage policies, including policy templates, custom policies, custom marketing actions, manage policies, audit data usage, and API integration.

Enforce data usage policies with a built-in set of functionalities in the data access layer.

All functionalities are available via REST-based APIs, and you can use APIs to label and manage policies at scale.

Resources for Experience Platform Data Governance

White paper

White Paper

Check out our white paper for Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance and dig deeper into the details.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Platform can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Platform can do for your business.