Quality you can trust.

Only Adobe Genuine software gives you ongoing access to the latest features and updates so you can avoid performance snags and be as productive as possible. Get the software that’s reliable, secure and supported by Adobe for quality you can count on.

Adobe Genuine Software


Could you have non-genuine or counterfeit software?

People unknowingly buy non-genuine or counterfeit software all the time. It's typically sold by unauthorized online resellers and auction sites offering special deals. Non-genuine software is often loaded or bundled with computer hardware so unauthorized resellers can make their offers seem more attractive.


What are the risks, and what can you do about them?

Non-genuine software is often tampered with, and is more likely to contain malware and viruses that can lead to system crashes and loss of work. Only Adobe Genuine software is warranted and supported by Adobe. If you think you have non-genuine software, Adobe recommends you take the following steps:
  1. Uninstall the non-genuine software from your machine and replace it with Adobe Genuine software.

  2. Use the link below to report the reseller who sold you the non-genuine software.

In the future, remember to buy your Adobe software from authorized resellers or directly from us to get the high quality and peace of mind you deserve.