Adobe Managed Services — proven cloud scale and security.

Customers expect innovation and less disruption. Managed Services helps you exceed expectations with the agility of the cloud. Launch innovations faster, deliver updates more frequently, and easily scale up or down with your demand — all while maintaining the highest security.

Cloud Manager delivers a triple win.

Agility, speed, and security are vital to powerful digital experiences. You have to improve time to market and streamline operations to be able to quickly make user experience updates and handle unpredictable user traffic. Cloud Manager capabilities within Adobe Experience Manger gives you all three. 

Increase agility and speed by easily managing your Experience Manager cloud environments. Use best-in-class security to make updates and handle user traffic with minimal application downtime. And rest assured that you’ll have the capacity to support your business with auto-scaling.

And, you can take advantage of the highest level of security certifications (ISO 27001, SOC-2), industry compliance (FedRAMP, GLBA, HIPPA), data encryption, and isolation for complete peace of mind when it comes to data security and privacy. It doesn’t get much easier or better..

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Go live with confidence. Go live with Managed Services.

Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services ensures enterprise-grade physical, network, and data security in a restricted access facility behind firewalls or inside a virtual private cloud. It includes single-tenant virtual machines with robust data encryption, anti-virus, and data isolation.

As a digital leader, we apply testing and architecture best practices in an automated manner, which allows you to test custom features or updates without compromising on performance or security. We also provide event monitoring and proactive measures to make sure your service performance never dips. Most importantly, our adaptable tools empower you to deliver innovations anytime, anywhere. It may not be rocket science, but our managed cloud is pretty darn close to it.

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The business value of Managed Services.

5-year ROI.

An IDC study shows that ROI increased 126% over a 5-year period.


Reduction in cost.

Managed Services customers reduced total cost of ownership by 33%.


Additional revenue.

Customers saw an additional $2.2M revenue gained per year.


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“Adobe Experience Manager was the clear winner. Not only was it the easiest to use, but it was also the most powerful and scalable.”

Dave DeMaria, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Synopsys

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