Create and publish compelling interactive games, demos, prototypes, simulations, and eLearning courses for the web, iOS devices, Mac and Windows® desktops, DVDs, and CDs. Integrate virtually any major file format, including FLV and native 3D content, for the greatest return on your creativity.



Publish to iOS devices workflow
Adobe Director 12 can now publish games directly to iOS devices, through a simple, yet powerful workflow. Existing games can be republished to run on the iOS platform. Enhance the gaming experience by incorporating new support for accelerometers and other device specific interactions.
Stereoscopy with Adobe Director 12
Using Lingo Script or JavaScript, Stereoscopy can be enabled with appropriate Depth settings in Adobe Director 12. Shockwave Player 12 converts the shockwave 3D content to stereoscopy mode at run time without any extra effort. Game player can choose to experience the immersive stereoscopic mode at anytime during game play.
New sensational Post-processing effects
You can now add several exciting effects, such as Convolution filter, Adjust Color filter, Depth of Field, Bloom Effect, Night Vision, etc., to visually enhance movies.
Exciting new textures and shaders
Make your Director movies a visual treat by taking advantage of the exciting new textures, such as PerlinNoise Texture, CubeMap Render Texture and shaders, such as Fresnel Shader.
Support for more than 40 video, audio, and image file formats
Publish multilingual documents using OpenType Pro fonts that support Central and Eastern European languages, as well as OpenType fonts that support Japanese, Korean, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, and Devanagari.
Windows Media format support
Go global with support for Unicode, a platform-independent, international text-encoding standard that supports virtually all languages.
Apple QuickTime 7 support
Take advantage of QuickTime features, including support for streaming MPEG-4 video and MP3 audio.
RealMedia format support
Integrate RealMedia files, including RealVideo and RealAudio, in Director projects for Mac or Windows®.
Bitmap filters
Achieve an even wider variety of rich visual effects, including blur, drop shadow, bevel, glow, and more, with bitmap filters you can apply through the user interface or scripting.
Multiuser interactivity
Build games and other applications that allow multiple users to interact.
Powerful Script Browser
Save time working with script-sensitive movies using the enhanced Script Browser, which provides click-and-script convenience; easy access to information about functions, events, keywords, and commands; and a complete Lingo and JavaScript dictionary.
Code snippets
Get started faster creating sophisticated interactivity with code snippets that let you take advantage of Lingo and JavaScript methods without writing code.
Enhanced user interface
Do more and do it faster with an enhanced user interface that offers window docking, tabbed views, and improved management of movie assets to streamline your workflow.
Sprite and channel naming
Assign custom names to sprites and manipulate them easily without altering existing code. Move sprites and channels without modifying code, reducing scripting and editing time.
Help system
Get your questions answered fast with a comprehensive help system. Find all the information you need, including product help and Lingo and JavaScript syntax reference guides, in one convenient place.
Stage docking
Improve productivity and reduce window clutter with Stage docking.
Movie-in-a-Window docking
Enhance your workflow by docking Movie-in-a-Window (MIAW) tools with other palettes and tools.
Start page
Gain quick access to recently used files, help, and tutorials through the Start page.
Window properties
Work efficiently and quickly customize the look of your windows in Director projectors. Complex tasks, such as creating window and drag masks, are as simple as selecting a cast member in a pop-up menu.
Projector publishing panel
Reduce the time required to publish Director applications by saving projector settings on a per-project basis.
DVD-Video support
Easily integrate this popular interactive video format into your Director projects. Embed, control, and play back DVD movies with other types of media to create powerful interactive experiences.
DVD Event Manager
Trigger events, such as firing web pages or swapping cast members during DVD playback. This easy-to-use visual tool eliminates the need for the majority of DVD-related scripting and speeds up the creation of sophisticated interactivity.
DVD Controller components
Quickly add DVD playback capabilities to Director projectors or Shockwave® enabled web pages using prebuilt DVD Controller components based on Adobe Flash® technology. Select from three styles to control nearly every aspect of DVD movie navigation.
Adobe Shockwave Player
Be confident that your games, applications, eLearning courses, demos, and prototypes are customer-ready for the web thanks to popular Adobe Shockwave Player software, available as a free download for Universal Mac and Windows platforms and already on the majority of computers worldwide.
Easy multiversion output
Broaden your market reach by authoring once and publishing across platforms and technologies with output that is customer-ready for virtually all computers as well as kiosks, DVDs, CDs, and the web.
Easy cross-platform projector publishing
Publish your applications for Universal Mac and Windows desktops with a single click.
Enhanced productivity with multiple undo/redo
Experiment freely, knowing you can instantly undo or redo multiple steps in one click.
Unicode support
Easily localize your games, applications, demos, training courses, and prototypes for international markets with Unicode support.
Accessibility support
Create content that meets government accessibility guidelines — including Section 508 guidelines. Director lets you add text-to-speech, captioning, and tab-navigation features to web-based Shockwave content or standalone applications on both Windows and Mac systems.
Xtra plug-ins
Extend your authoring environment, as well as the playback engine, with an ecosystem of third-party Xtras.
Manipulate ByteArrays
Access and manipulate binary data using ByteArray datatype.
Adobe product line compatibility
Take advantage of the easy workflow between Director 12 and the Adobe applications you already rely on, including Adobe Photoshop® and Flash Professional.
Application control
Create fully featured applications that can access, launch, and control other applications from within your Director project.
Full JavaScript support
Expand your options with full support for JavaScript syntax and compatibility with Lingo scripting.
Speech Xtra extension
Create customizable, accessible content through the cross-platform Speech Xtra extension, which converts text to speech without a screen reader. The operating system provides voices at the system level. Any user with Shockwave Player and a speech engine installed (which ships standard on current operating systems) can use your accessible content.
Accessibility behaviors
Control speech, tabbing, and item highlighting, as well as the captioning of words spoken by the Speech Xtra extension, with drag-and-drop behaviors.
Internet protocol support
Import HTML text while maintaining full control of all link references, create web-based e-commerce applications with secure transactions (HTTPS) inside Shockwave, and integrate two-way communication (CGI Post).
XML parsing
Reduce resource requirements and leverage standard data exchange, even from large XML documents, with XML document parsing.
Create Stunning Surround Sound Multimedia
Make your multimedia applications and games sound as real as they look with state-of-the-art audio capabilities that include 5.1 channel surround sound, 16-channel sound mixing, and advanced filters.
Powerful 3D support
Incorporate 3D to deliver more engaging experiences. Rapidly create rich 3D environments using millions of ready-made 3D models available via SketchUp and 3D Warehouse, and take advantage of DirectX 9 support for native 3D rendering.
Advanced physics with NVIDIA PhysX support
Build games with realistic collisions and create simulations that model real-world gravity and other forces. The NVIDIA® PhysX™ physics engine delivers advanced dynamic motion and interaction.
H.264 video integration
Create an enhanced multimedia experience using H.264 video integration that lets you play full-screen, high-definition video in your multimedia applications and games. Also enjoy support for FLV and F4V video formats and streaming video.
Support for Flash 11.0 and video created with Flash technology
Expand your creative options by seamlessly importing content created with Adobe Flash 11.0 into your applications.
Flash Asset Xtra for Adobe Flash Player
Create sophisticated 3D and 2D interactivity more efficiently with the Flash Asset Xtra, which enables easy interaction between ActionScript® objects and JavaScript syntax or Lingo scripting — or a combination of the two.
Powerful text rendering engine
Display smooth, crisp text in your demos, courses, games, and other applications with a more powerful text engine that improves font rendering.
Parallax mapping
Parallax mapping is an enhancement of Normal/Bump Mapping technique. This technique provides more apparent depth and greater realism with less impact on the performance.
Cube mapping
Cube mapping is a method of using a six-sided cube as the shape of the map. The model is projected onto the six faces of a cube and stored as six square textures, or unfolded into six regions of a single texture.
Normal mapping
Normal mapping is a technique used for showing finer details like lighting of bumps and dents without using additional polygons.
Render to texture
Render Textures are textures that are created and updated at runtime.
Character Controller capabilities
Make your games with a finer control of characters and rigid bodies and make all of them interact with each other.
Cloth simulation capabilities
Start using the cloth simulation techniques to incorporate flags and banners in your game.

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