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  Illustrator CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3
Creative Cloud Libraries
Adobe Stock integration
Adobe Comp CC integration
10x faster zoom, pan and scroll
Zoom magnification to 64,000%
File recovery
Windows 8 Touch workspace
Curvature tool
Join tool
Live Shapes: Rectangles and Rounded Rectangles        
Typekit missing fonts workflow        
Live Corners        
Rebuilt Pencil tool        
Path segment reshaping        
Custom tools panels        
Responsive SVG export        
Touch Type tool        
Images in brushes        
CSS extraction        
Sync Settings        
Adobe Mercury Performance System      
Pattern creation      
Image Trace      
Gradients on strokes      
Gaussian Blur enhancements      
Color panel enhancements      
Type panel improvements      
Perspective drawing    
Variable-width strokes    
Bristle Brush    
Beautiful Strokes    
Shape Builder tool    
Drawing enhancements    
Multiple artboard enhancements    
Clean, sharp text for web and mobile devices    
Resolution-independent effects    
Blob Brush tool  
Transparency in gradients  
Multiple artboards  
Gradients exposed  
In-panel appearance editing  
Separations Preview  
Live Color
Drawing tools and controls
Integration with Adobe design applications
Live Paint
Isolation Mode
Advanced typography
Control panel
Eraser tool
New Document Profiles