What is a sales quote: an overview.

Learn what’s involved in sales quotes and why they’re vital to your business’ success.

Successfully closing a sale is an art form and a sales quote is a vital part of the process. But their purpose can be unclear, particularly if you’ve just started working in sales, so let’s explore their meaning and why sales quotes are so important.

Sales quotes explained.

A sales quote is a document that tells a potential client how much your product or service will cost. It’s not a legally binding contract but rather a formal notice of the estimated price. They also introduce your company and product or service range, so it’s a good idea to provide an item-by-item breakdown of everything included in the quote.

Types of sales quotes.

There are three main types of sales quotes, each with a different purpose:

Improve your sales quoting workflow.

A delayed quote could cause a client to choose another provider. A smooth sales quoting process is therefore critical for your business. Digital quotes are fast to deliver and process and can help you grow your business.

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