How to e-sign a Word document.

Learn how to sign Word documents using your electronic signature to save time and money. It’s secure and easy to do.

To sign a Word document — or any electronic document, for that matter — while it's still in digital form, you need to use an e-signature. That’s short for electronic signature. You might also see it called e-sign, or even digital signature. “Digital signature,” however, actually has a special meaning. It refers to an electronic signature that is backed by a digital certificate — the highest level of identity assurance.

For decades, when you wanted to show agreement, give consent, or indicate your approval, you needed to print the form or document and sign it with a pen. Then you had to decide if you wanted to use the postal service to return the paper to the sender or turn it back into digital form by scanning it.

However you decided to manage your paper in the past, it was costly and slow. But then the world went digital. Now you can do everything short of signing your spouse's birthday card with an electronic signature.

Today, we conduct all kinds of business online. Filling out government forms, running a business, and even buying a home or a car can be done online without a single sheet of paper. E-signatures eliminate the need for handwritten signatures. They are also more secure and save you time. And they are even better for our planet because they reduce the need for paper.

How to insert your signature into Word documents.

PDFs, Excel files, and Word documents are all easy to manage in a paperless environment. They work seamlessly with e-sign tools and modernize how you get work done — wherever you are, whenever it's convenient for you.

Use these steps to insert your signature into a Word document using Adobe Acrobat Sign:

  1. Select Fill and Sign from the home screen.
  2. Drag and drop the Word document to the files box or click Add a file from your computer, then click Continue.
  3. Click on your Word document where your signature is needed.
  4. Select Add signature tool and then click in the Word document.
  5. You can type your name, sign with the mouse, upload an image of your signature, or use your finger or a stylus if you have a touchscreen device.
  6. Select Apply to add your digital signature to the Word document.
  7. Select Done and either download a copy of the signed document as a PDF or send a copy of it to an email address.

The modern work experience depends on teamwork, collaboration, and working as efficiently as possible. Technological advances in business processes and intelligent automation allow companies to integrate their functionality. This cooperation means that you can easily e-sign documents across various applications. Electronically signing a Word document, for example, can be accomplished in the cloud using your browser. It can’t get much simpler than that.

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