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How to crop a PDF online

Need to crop a PDF doc? Follow these simple steps:| An icon shows Acrobat's PDF crop online technology used in the crop tool.

  1. To get started, click Select a file, or drag and drop your document into the drop zone.
  2. After your PDF has finished uploading, sign into your free Acrobat account.
  3. Next, you'll see an automatic outline of the first PDF page. Grab the cropping border handles to resize it to just how you like it.
  4. Then, simply select Crop and save your file.

Crop your PDFs for free|An Acrobat PDF file icon with crop tabs around the edges showing how you can crop a PDF

Crop PDF margins

It's simple to tweak the margins of a PDF with Acrobat online. Just drag and drop your document, and then crop it to how you want it.|A document icon with crop tabs around the edges showing how you can crop your file to the right size

Crop PDF pages to the right size

Once you've signed in, Acrobat will show you the first page of your PDF with a dotted cropping border. Just drag this by its handles to fit the size you need.|Multiple document icons with crop tabs around the edges showing how you can apply cropping to pages

Crop other PDF pages

If you're looking to achieve a uniform approach across different pages, you can do it in a flash. Apply your crop to all your PDF pages, or even set a page range.|An Acrobat logo on a small desktop icon with a mobile phone icon showing how you can work with PDFs on any platform

Work on almost any platform

Our online PDF cropper works on all sorts of different devices and operating systems. No downloads, software, or subscriptions needed.|An Acrobat PDF file icon with a small box representing a cropped section of the PDF

The best PDF cropper

As the inventor of the PDF, we know all their ins-and-outs. When you use Acrobat online tools, you'll get a result you can be proud of. Try cropping your PDF for free online today.

Questions? We have answers.

How do I crop a single page PDF?
It's simple to crop a single page PDF with Acrobat. In our PDF cropper tool, simply upload your file. Then, drag the cropping border to exactly how you need it. Press Crop, select Save, job done.
How do I crop multiple PDF pages?
It's easy to crop multiple pages at once with Adobe Acrobat online. First, select a crop area on a single page. You can then apply the crop to multiple PDF pages at once using a page range.
How does cropping a PDF affect file size?
Cropping a PDF doesn't reduce file size. Instead, it hides file content, but doesn't discard it. This makes it easy to reset page size later if needed.
Can I reorganise my PDF after cropping pages?
If you need to organise your PDF pages, you can download a 7-day free trial of Acrobat Pro. This makes it easy to delete, extract, insert or rearrange PDF pages. You can also use our Acrobat online tools fora number of handy tasks, like converting and rotating your files. | a text bubble, pencil icon and a stacked PDF icon representing free online Acrobat tools

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