How to Insert a PDF into PowerPoint.

Embedding PDFs into PowerPoint docs saves the recipient having to open up multiple files at once. This is particularly useful if you are sharing your screen on a call - and can reduce the number of files that may need to be sent to a client or colleague.

Discover how to import PDF to PowerPoint in our handy guide. 

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What you’ll learn.

Quick list: how to insert a PDF into PowerPoint.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to embedding your PDFs into PowerPoint.

    1. Check it’s closed. The first step is to ensure your PDF is closed.

    2. Find the right slide. Navigate to the slide where to you to insert PDF into PowerPoint.

    3. Find your PDF. Navigate to the menu bar at the top of the PowerPoint and click Insert, then click Insert Object.

    4. Insert the PDF. In the pop out box, select Create from file > Browse to select the PDF you want to insert into the PowerPoint.

In detail: embedding a PDF into PowerPoint step by step.

Before starting, it’s worth noting that when using this method to insert PDF into PowerPoint, once you have embedded the PDF, you will not be able to edit it in this view. To edit the PDF, you will need to open up the original file when it’s not in use inside your PowerPoint.


This method is best when you need to use the information inside a PDF as supporting documents for your presentation. Let’s get started by taking an in-depth look at how to import PDF to PowerPoint.

1. Ensure you have finalised the content in your PDF file. This will need to be done in the original file. Once you’re happy with the contents of your PDF, save it to an easily locatable place for when you come to find it.


2. Click your file, select Save As and then give it a name. Once you’ve done that, remember to close the PDF. 

3. Now that you’ve finalised your PDF and you’re ready to insert PDF to PowerPoint, it’s time to find the PowerPoint in question and open it up.


4. Navigate to the page where you want to embed PDF in PowerPoint.


5. Select Insert from the menu bar. In the bar below click Object. By importing PDF to PowerPoint, we will be able to access that PDF at a specific point in the presentation.


6. Once you have clicked Insert Object, a dialogue box will appear. You will need to select the option that says Create From File on the left.

7. Once you’ve ticked this tickbox, click the Browse button underneath. This will enable you to go into your files and choose the correct PDF that you want to embed in the PowerPoint. Once you select the PDF, it should appear on your slide as an icon.

8. Now you have added the PDF as an object, you need to add an action to the PDF to be able to open it. To do this, first you need to select the PDF icon by clicking it. It should highlight around the edge.

9. Now go to Insert > Action. A pop-up box should now appear.

10. Go to Object Action box and select the Open. This means when you click the PDF icon on your PowerPoint slide, it will open. 

Benefits of inserting PDFs into PowerPoint. 

Learning to embed PDF in PowerPoint is a handy skill that you’ll be able to use for both work and home projects. Some of the benefits of this include:

  • Privacy. When you’re in presentation mode in PowerPoint, the last thing you want to do is to have to leave it while everyone is watching in order to locate the PDF you need. This way you can avoid a clunky transition to find the PDF you want to share.
  • Convenience. It’s much quicker to embed PDF in PowerPoint, rather than having to minimise your PowerPoint to find the file you need. It looks a lot more professional when you can embed it into one slide.
  • Everything in one place. By embedding a PDF into your PowerPoint presentation, you can send just one document, instead of sending a deck, followed by lots of supporting information.



See the frequently asked questions you may want to know when inserting a PDF into a PowerPoint presentation.

Can I turn the entire PDF contents into a PowerPoint presentation?

Yes. This is a separate task that will require you to export the PDF file to a Presentation File. This is done by opening up the tools section when in the PDF document.

Can I edit a PDF from the PowerPoint?

To edit the PDF, you will need edit the PDF separately, then reattach it to your PowerPoint presentation. You will need to have permissions to edit the PDF do so in the document settings. You’ll also need an Adobe Document Cloud licence.

Do I need an Adobe licence to edit a pdf?

To edit a PDF without a paid Adobe subscription, you’ll first need to convert it into a Word document. The format of the PDF should usually be retained and ready to edit, although this would not be the correct method if the design needed to be altered too.


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