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Press releases are great tools for marketing teams to share important news, updates, and information with their community and wider audiences.

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This article explores how to create a show-stopping press release with Adobe Express and how you can get access to free press release templates. We’ll cover the basics of press release formats and structures, as well as tips and tricks for writing a press release for UK audiences. Learn how to make your press release a success with Adobe Express.

Learn how to write a press release.

A press release is an official statement that a business will release to members of the press (the news media). It might contain an announcement, provide general information, or include a statement on a trending issue. A well written press release will help clarify and spread the important message that your business wishes to share.

Here’s five things to keep in mind when writing a press release:

Kick-off with a clear headline.

Your headline has got to grab people’s attention, be concise, and ultimately communicate the entire update in a few words. Choose strong, compelling messaging that will speak to your target audience and capture their interest.

State the key message with a strong leading paragraph.

Your opening paragraph must provide a summary of the most important information surrounding the update. Make sure it’s catchy and gets to the point quickly so your press release doesn’t get overlooked.

Include the Five Ws.

Always cover the who, what, when, where, and why of the news, update, or statement. Support the Five Ws with detailed and relevant facts.

Add high-value quotes from key figures.

Add authenticity, authority, and humanity to your press release by including quotes from key figures. These might provide insights or confirm a business or individual’s position on a matter. Choose quotes wisely, as they are often used by journalists in their coverage.

End with your impactful boilerplate.

Your boilerplate provides a succinct overview of the organisation or individual behind the statement. Include tag lines, business mission statements, or other crucial information to provide context for how this organisation or individual’s PR statement fit within the broader context.

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Here's what makes a perfect press release.

Press releases used to be entirely offline, but today they’re largely online and have the chance to go viral. Here are four important aspects of press releases to help craft the perfect message every time.

Optimise it for keywords and SEO.

Your press release should include keywords that are both relevant to your update and that can help your statement rank high on search engines. Use relevant keywords to help your PR statement appear on the radar of people looking for the type of news you are covering.

Add multimedia elements.

Include images, videos, and infographics to share relevant and powerful data. Add a unique eye-catching header for all your press releases by creating a letterhead design using Adobe Express.

Use the most relevant contact information

Your press release should include a name, email, and phone number of a relevant spokesperson, media contact, or event coordinator so that the press can easily get in touch for more information.

Plan your distribution strategy.

Simply issuing a press release on your website or social media should be one of a few key steps in your strategic PR plan. Reach out to reputable distribution services and industry-specific media outlets. Leverage your own network and communication channels. Use newsletter templates to create an exclusive newsletter just for your PR announcements and send it to subscribers to help your press release succeed.

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Tips and tricks for formatting a press release.

For businesses, press releases are one of several key pieces of content for marketing purposes. Here are some top tips for correctly formatting your next PR statement.

Follow a standard press release format.

This standard helps audiences, especially journalists, to quickly locate the essential information. A standard format includes a headline, dateline, lead paragraph, body, boilerplate, and contact information.

Improve readability with subheadings and bullet points.

Try to avoid long paragraphs and stick with shorter sentences, subheadings, and bullet or numbered lists. This improves readability and ensures that you don’t go off topic. If your PR statement is related to a larger project, like a marketing case study, make sure you highlight the key takeaways in your short PR statement.

Include a call to action.

Businesses can leverage PR statements by adding a clear call to action (CTA) like “contact a representative for more information” or “subscribe to our newsletter for more updates”.

Proofread it multiple times, thoroughly.

Press releases with errors chip away at your credibility. Take care to simplify language, remove any grammatical errors, correct typos, and address inconsistencies in your writing style. Your PR statement should be polished, professional, and perfect.

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How to write a press release for UK audiences.

If you want your PR statement to make waves across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, here are four top tips to help engage your target audience.

Follow UK style, language, and PR conventions.

Use British English for spelling, date formats, grammar, and punctuation to align your PR statement with UK media standards and make it suitable for UK readers.

Write for your UK audience.

Go beyond language and think about the culture and characters of your audienceship. You may wish to make references to relevant news or events happening elsewhere in the UK.

Highlight the regional impact.

If your PR statement has some regional significance, clearly articulate how it relates to local communities.

Leverage UK media outlets and influencers.

Do your research and reach out to journalists, digital influencers, and media outlets who can help your PR statement reach your target audience.

Learn more about how to write a press release for UK audiences with this media kit guide from Adobe Express.

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Try these press release templates.

Writing a good press release for any audience is made easy with Adobe Express. Craft your very own statement using professionally-built press release templates that are ready to use.

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Useful things to know.

Can I structure my press release with Adobe Express?

Yes, you can structure and format your press release using Adobe Express’ online editing tool. Choose a free template to get started!

Can I use Adobe Express to create different press releases for different markets?

Yes! Explore various different PR templates to find the most suitable one for your unique market and industry sector. Edit your press releases and have them ready for use in minutes!

Is Adobe Express free to use?

Yes! Adobe Express provides a free plan that includes fonts, templates, and a huge variety of high-quality images. Get started with Adobe Express’ free plan now.