AI Image Generator: Create images from text.

Capture impossible dreamscapes, design eldritch horrors, or create your next graphic design logo. Firefly Image Model 3 generates higher quality images, interprets prompts better and offers more possibilities for composition, lighting and mood. Generate AI images, apply styles to text effects or reference images for greater control with next-generation AI.

 AI generated image of a dog wearing a sweater of primary colours with knitted ears, texture and fine small details from Adobe Firefly

The only limits are your imagination with Text to Image.

You may not believe it, but these stunning images were all created using Adobe Firefly's. Text to image AI tool. Take a look at the images and prompts above to see how you could start creating your very own masterpieces.

AI-generated image of a side profile face and ocean double exposure portrait from Adobe Firefly
AI-generated image of a castle in the middle of the desert sunset rolling sands from Adobe Firefly
AI-generated image of a fish swimming in a coral reef from Adobe Firefly

Make masterpieces in moments – whatever your skill level.

Whether you’re a design pro searching for an innovative solution, or just looking to exercise your creativity, our AI image generator is accessible for all. Make masterpieces in mere moments – only limited by your imagination. Even if you don’t have any vivid ideas, you can throw something into the Text to Image generator and see what happens! That’s half the fun of it.

Water droplet that contains a mountain in front of a blue sky on a cloudless day

Creative design solutions for all.

Non-designers can stretch their creativity (and powers of description) with prompts that will give them results in seconds. Designers can explore new ideas and follow their inspiration wherever it leads — without spending hours on the exercise.

More options for customised results.

Firefly is so much more than a basic AI image generator because it enables you to generate images according to your specific needs. You can easily change aspect ratio, style, colour, lighting and more until you find the right look.

Series of AI generated compositions that share the same layout proportions
AI-generated image of a cat with sunglasses ready to eat a cheeseburger

Bespoke images created to match your exact needs.

One of the best things about Firefly’s Text to Image AI generator is that it’s made to be flexible. You don’t have to generate basic images – you can customise them to meet your exact requirements. Have fun with aspect ratios, art styles, lighting, effects, and colours until your design is perfect. It’s not just a case of accepting the first thing the AI software generates – the power is in your hands.

Swift suggestions to keep projects moving.

Quick, simple and easy to use - Firefly is an efficient AI generator that keeps things moving. Once you've submitted your prompt, you'll be given four image suggestions and can choose your favourite. Or, if you want something slightly different, just click 'show showcase' and it will generate more ideas. After that you can use the Generative Fill to edit your image until you're happy.

4 AI-generated image variations of a man wearing a beanie and glasses from Adobe Firefly
Firefly text to image generator

Combine AI Text to image with Adobe Express tools.

You can also use firefly's text to image tool in Adobe Express. Create the perfect social media post, banner, poster -anything you need! Simply use the Text to image text box when editing your project and the integrated artificial intelligence will generate images for you.

How to generate AI images in Firefly.

Easily generate your own images following these quick steps.

1 Open Firefly.

To begin, sign into your Adobe account and go to Adobe Firefly. If you’ve not got an account, don’t worry – you can register in no time. Once you’re into your account, click Text to Image.

2 Write a prompt.

Once you’ve clicked Text to Image, you’ll be greeted by a new workspace. Type a description of what image you want the AI to generate. Be descriptive and specific. If you want vibrant colours, mention it. Graffiti style backdrops? Put it in there. Neon lights and sports cars? Go for it. Discover more with our guide to writing text prompts.  

3 Generate your AI image.

Once your prompt is ready, click Generate to create your AI image in only a few seconds. If you prefer an image result, use the buttons in the upper-right corner of each tile to either favourite or save.

4 Refine

Once you’ve found an image that matches your imagination, you can explore variations. Each time you generate an AI image from a prompt, you’ll receive four versions. Select ones that better fit, or use tools to edit properties like Aspect Ratio, Lighting, Colour, and more. If the image didn’t fit the bill, or you think you can do better, refine your prompt with what you’ve learned.

See what others are doing.

See what others are doing.

Tap into the Firefly community to remix other creators’ images, share your own and find inspiration.

collage of Adobe Firefly user generated images

Get creative with AI generated images.

Adobe’s AI picture generator tool, Firefly, lets you generate images with a text prompt. That means people from all experience and skill levels can create unique images with ease using the power of AI. These images can serve as handy baselines to work from, offer a source of inspiration, or generate a range of early concepts for your next graphic design job. It’s creative exploration and experimentation made fast.


To start, all you need is a phrase. Here’s an example of how you could refine your search terms with text to image prompts:

  • Start with your text to image prompt – something simple that captures the essence of what you’re looking for. For example, ‘A dog wearing a top hat’.
  • After you’ve created your AI generated image with Firefly, you can customise your results. For example, if you want something photographic, you can create an AI Photo. Likewise, you can amend the Style of an image in the same way, among other elements such as colour, depth of field or lighting.
  • Each prompt will create multiple AI generated images. If one fits your vision, just click it. You can even remove or add specific elements here using Generative Fill
  • Sometimes, an image isn’t quite what you imagined, but you may get a better idea of what you do or don’t like. Explore new ideas by amending your prompt and discover more concepts in minutes. It’s a great way for designers to experiment with mock-ups, before committing time to the real deal.
Text-to-image prompt: A bee sitting on a dahlia flower in the moonlight

Discover different styles for your AI generator images.

With Adobe Firefly, you can generate different types of AI images. Create realistic-looking constellations to fantasy-cityscapes, surrealist paintings, and conceptual logos. AI image generators can create a near limitless number of images distinct from one another – perfect for a variety of tasks, goals, and tastes.


Depending on your needs, you may want to use different styles. You could use an AI image generator for:

Mood boards.

Compile mood boards from AI generated images by saving your favourite pieces. Discover colours schemes, characters, locations, artifacts and more to create your ideal collage of inspiration to draw, write, or animate from.


Logo concepts.

AI generated images can include logos, which can then be used as a baseline for graphic design projects. Create mock-ups to share or inspire, then begin creating your own logo. You can even alter colours, styles and more to save time in the early concept stage.


Social media images.

Need a quick image for social media? AI generated images are a great choice to go alongside your posts. Create fit-for-purpose images to suit your social media posts, whether that’s a competition announcement, a date reminder, or something more mood-setting.

AI image generators are versatile – from abstract flyers to colour-concepts or personalised posters, styles, or mediums that AI can portray.

Customise your AI creations.

With Adobe Firefly, you can generate AI images and amend them on the fly using a range of intelligent tools. Here are some of the different things you can change:

  • Aspect ratio. Portrait, landscape – it doesn’t matter. Pick the aspect ratio that suits the image you want to create with Adobe.
  • Colour. Fine tune your colour palette and realise your vision in hue you imagined, without needing to start again. Adobe Firefly’s colour tool lets you amend the colours of your AI generated images. Respond to feedback or make your piece shade-perfect in a click with Adobe.
  • Lighting. As any photographer will tell you, lighting changes everything. Turn bright photos into dark, contrasting pieces to accent neon lights for a synthase aesthetic. Shine light on your subjects and bring out their brightness or get the perfect backlight for that brooding aesthetic – whatever you need, Adobe has it, without the need to re-do your prompt.
  • Content type. Got the image right, but in the wrong form of content? Turn photos into art at the press of a button with the Adobe content type drop down.
  • Style. Edit your AI-generated image with a range of styles, from movements and themes, to materials, techniques, effects, and concepts. Ever wondered what a giraffe might look like in a neon-fuelled, cyberpunk setting? Take simple pictures and explore popular aesthetics like synthase, digital art, or more traditional effects with presents. Take your art to the next level – all in a click.
Hot aim balloon full of flowers and butterflies, orange sky in background, happy birthday basket balloons, cubism, wide angle, golden hour, vibrant colour.

Generate AI images in just a few clicks.

Firefly lets you generate images in a single prompt. However, they may not be what you imagined first time – but thankfully, refining an image is just as easy. Curate your creation in a few, easy clicks by using Adobe Firefly’s image tools:

Image suggestions.

When you generate an AI image with a prompt in Firefly, you’ll get multiple suggestions based on your description. For example, you may want an image of a fairy in a saturated landscape. This could bring up portraits, different face models, or artistic styles, and even busts or body shots.


Choose the suggestion you like the most, and Firefly will bring up additional suggestions along the lines of your chosen image. If you’re unhappy, just go back. You can explore a variety of concepts in a couple of clicks.


Edit your prompt and undo.

Sometimes, your search prompts don’t return the results you’ve imagined. However, the results inform us as to what the AI has understood. That means it’s easy to go back and edit your search prompt to better fit the image you’re looking for.


Try variations in prompts to quickly generate images that speak to your imagination. If you’ve clicked on a suggested image, but decided you’re going down the wrong path creatively, you can always go back and start from the original image.


Generative Fill.

Got a near-perfect AI generated image but can’t quite get the finishing touches right without altering what you love about it? With Generative Fill, you can remove sections of an image with an easy-to-use brush and add in new, AI generated objects in its place. Remove a burger, add a ray gun. Switch glasses for a blindfold, or even change a haircut. Amend your image with ease with Generative Fill.

Get started with our AI image generator.

Explore worlds, challenge your creativity, plant the seed of an idea, or improve your workflow with the Adobe Firefly AI image generator. Create and refine images to suit your needs, whether you’re a freelance graphic designer or inquisitive tabletop role-player. Generate, curate, and be inspired by the limitless possibilities of Adobe’s generative AI model.


Explore the Adobe Firefly AI image generator today and bring entire worlds to life in a matter of clicks. Make your vision a reality.

AI Image Generator: FAQs

Text to Image allows you to create images with a few lines of text prompt. It’s a type of generative AI that uses descriptive text as instructions to construct a design. The artificial intelligence software analyses the text and the relationships between the words to create images within a matter of seconds.

Text to Image uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create images based on human prompts. It does this by utilising extensive stored knowledge, gained from analysing millions of different types of content, images, and media. It uses what it has learned from this analysis, and uses this, combined with the text prompt, to create new imagery.

Firefly’s Text to Image generator uses the Adobe Stock data set, alongside public domain and openly licensed content, to construct these images.

When choosing your AI image generator, look for one that produces high-quality images, allows you creative control to make those images fit your needs and makes it possible to use those images commercially. Firefly is a great choice because it does all these things

Yes, you can commercially use images generated with Firefly features that are out of beta. You can also use images generated with Firefly features still in beta, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the product or in a specific agreement with Adobe

This will depend on the laws of your local jurisdiction. If you are interested in learning more copyright, check out this blog post by Adobe’s lead copyright solicitor

An AI image generator allows users to enter simple inputs (such as a text prompt) to create visual imagery. Adobe Firefly is an example of an AI image generator with a text-to-image feature. Generative AI models are often trained on large amounts of wide-ranging visual data that form the basis of how it “learns” to generate imagery based on various styles, patterns and contexts

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