Firefly a zen garden on Mar.s

AI Art Generator: Create eye-catching art

It can be frustrating needing an image and not being able to find it – but with AI generated art, you can get what you need with text to image functions. With Adobe Firefly’s AI art generator, you can let your imagination run free and create ai images featuring dinosaurs in top hats and astronauts performing ballet. There’s no limit to your imagination.

Firefly a zen garden on Mar.s

Unleash your creativity with Adobe Firefly.

Get inspired, save time, and create any kind of artistic image in a variety of styles with Adobe Firefly. Firefly can level the playing field and help you produce incredible images, whether you’re a novice or an expert. It’s also a great way to try out new art styles without investing hours into a new project.

Firefly image of vibrant colours and geometric shapes
Castle in the middle of the desert sunset rolling sands
Fish swimming in a coral reef

Choose AI-generated art and build whole new worlds.

Use AI-generated art to create incredible images in moments. As an AI art generator, Firefly is designed to encourage inspiration and experimentation. Being able to generate AI art online with a few simple words means you can create things that would have previously take hours or days.

Firefly inside empty warehouse, clouds of colour smoke float in air

Create artistic masterpieces in no time at all.

One of the biggest benefits of an AI art generator is the speed at which it works. Creating assets or images from scratch can take time and effort, but with Firefly, it’s never been easier to create works of art.


The process is straightforward: type in what you want to see, and Firefly will produce AI-generated art. When things are this simple, you can spend your free time working on additional projects, promoting your work, and experimenting with new styles.

Making astonishing AI art is easy – no matter your experience level.

While traditional painting styles might require plenty of practice and years of technique honing, AI art generators allow you to create works of art with next to no practice. With AI-generated art, you don’t need to master shading or sketching. Instead, simply type in your request and away you go!

Firefly hand drawing a volcano
Firefly 4 image option showing different style options

Experiment and explore new art forms and concepts.

As it’s fast and easy to create new works of AI art, you can experiment freely. Typically, if you were trying a new form or style, you might not be completely happy with the results, despite all the time and effort you put in. With an AI art generator, you don’t run the risk of wasted time or materials, which means you can develop your trademark style the easy way.


AI-generated art can also help with inspiration too. When you create an image with Adobe Firefly, you can pick from four variations. While you can only pick one initially, you can draw inspiration from suggested themes in each and incorporate them into your prompts.

Getting started with Adobe Firefly’s free online AI art generator.

1 Sign up to Adobe Firefly.

To get started, log in to Firefly with your Adobe account or sign up for an Adobe account if you don’t have one. Signing up for a free account takes only a moment and will also give you access to other apps, like Adobe Express.

2 Browse Firefly’s existing examples for inspiration.

Log into Firefly and you’ll see a range of example images that have been created with the AI art generator. You can also see the text prompts that were used to create the images. A quick look can show you the relationship between the text prompts and the images.

3 Enter your prompt to create your own piece of AI-generated art.

Once you’ve got a feel for the types of prompts that work well and the artwork that’s produced, you can enter some text to create your own AI art. Consider how you want your image to look (e.g. cartoon, photo-realistic, anime etc.) and include that in your prompt. You can also include the style or medium you want to see, whether that’s watercolour, digital art or pixel art.

4 Customise your generated art with Firefly’s additional settings.

Once you’ve generated your AI artwork, you can edit it using the tools to the right of the image. These include the aspect ratio, the intensity of the image, and more. Try several options and see which suits your image best. Feel free to tweak your prompt to get the results you want.

5 Export and share your AI-generated artwork online.

Once you’ve finished editing your image, you can save it to your computer or copy it to your clipboard. If you’re particularly proud of your image, you can even submit it to the Firefly gallery so other users can admire it. Just be aware that the free version of Firefly AI art comes with a watermark.


When you use Firefly, you get access to a set number of generative credits. Find out more about generative credits here.

AI Art Generator: FAQs.

AI generators create digital images based on a database of images. Given a prompt, the artificial intelligence registers specific terms and produces a visual output. These images can be customised, and prompts can be changed to create different results. AI art generators can also mimic different artistic styles or mediums.

AI art generators work by creating images using artificial intelligence. They use large datasets to pull informationlearn visual concepts and create results based on user inputs. For example, if you used the prompt ‘Cat sat on a green table’, the AI tool would pull images from its dataset to create an approximation of what it thinks you want to see. Firefly is currently trained on a dataset from Adobe Stock, which is openly licensed and public domain content.

Creating AI-generated art is simple with Adobe Firefly – all you need is an idea. Type your idea into Firefly’s text prompt and you will see four versions of your idea. From here, you can fine-tunerefine the image using Firefly’s customisation settings. Additionally, you can use your AI-generated art as a jumping-off point and edit further in Photoshop.

The best AI art generator is the one that lets you create the images you need with ease. With Adobe Firefly, all you need to do is enter a prompt into the text box and select your favourite of the four options that are generated. You can then edit the image and tweak the final results to truly bring your vision to life.

Yes, create ai generated images with Firefly ai model 3. Our AI image generator allows you to transform text to image. Craft high quality photos and endless images from scratch with the latest ai technology from Adobe.

Imagine, experiment, and create images using generative AI. Access Firefly’s web app and build images on the go. Firefly is new to Creative Cloud and is available for commercial use.

You can use Adobe Firefly for creative projects such as:

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Dream Bigger with Adobe Firefly.

Imagine, experiment and create with generative AI in the Firefly web app. New to Creative Cloud, now available for commercial use.

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