Create artwork with Adobe Firefly's AI painting generator.

Have you always dreamed of creating stunning works of art but lacked the technical painting skills? Or are you a busy artist wanting to save time on ideating and research? Either way, you can use the Adobe Firefly AI painting generator to make your creative concepts real.


Explore what’s possible with Firefly.

Save time, find inspiration, and create professional-looking AI-generated paintings in seconds — in styles ranging from Pop Art to Impressionism — with the power of generative AI. You can create a set number of images with the free version of the AI painting generator or sign up for a premium plan.

Anime cat cooking a bowl of ramen
A magical wonderland, psychedelic, dramatic lightning
1920's woman in green dress cubis portrait geometric art deco painting

Get inspired with the Firefly AI painting generator.

Ideation takes time and effort. Win back some of that time and go hard on the effort with the help of the Firefly AI painting generator. Rather than spending ages on preliminary sketches and brainstorms, ask Firefly to do it for you. Evolve your favourite prompts over time to be sure you’re getting the best output. Or explore sample prompts at the Firefly gallery.


Want a little help getting started? Check out our guide to writing text prompts.

Purple sunset over a pond in the style of a videogame

Text to image prompt: purple sunset over a pond in the style of a videogame

Describe the image you want to create

Take your creativity to new heights.

Whether it’s sun-drenched landscapes or fantastical creatures, AI painting generators empower you to make images in the style of analogue mediums — like watercolour or oil — using just your imagination and a simple text prompt. Firefly allows you to jumpstart the creative process, create gorgeous images, and explore new avenues of art, all by simply typing in a description.

Customise to create your vision with the Firefly AI painting generator.

You can mash-up different styles and techniques with Firefly’s AI painting generator to create original works. Start with a simple prompt before getting creative. Add other items and tell it to paint it in the style of Impressionism or Pop Art. Play around with your AI-generated painting further by tweaking the colour or changing the mood by adjusting the lighting. With the power of Firefly and knowledge around writing AI art prompts, you can reach the stars.

Painting of a boat generated by AI

Fine-tune your AI-generated paintings with editing tools.

Whatever artwork you generate, it’s not always going to be perfect first time — especially if you’re new to writing prompts. Save time on starting again with the Generative Fill tool on the Firefly AI painting generator. With this, you can edit specific sections of existing images without changing anything else. Easily add or remove content from your AI-generated painting with precision.

You can make the edits right there in Firefly — click the Generative Fill icon at the top of your image — or in Photoshop or Illustrator, provided you have access to the software.


Working on it in Illustrator or Photoshop puts a catalogue of sophisticated editing tools at your disposal to give your AI-generated paintings an even more polished look.

Getting started with the Firefly AI painting generator.

1. Log in to your Firefly account.

You’re going to be working from Firefly, so launch that first. You’ll be asked to sign into your Adobe account. If you don’t have one, there’s an option to create an account for free.


  • Open the Firefly homepage.
  • Find the Text to Image box.
  • Hit Generate.

This will take you to a screen with example AI-generated paintings with a box at the bottom to type your prompt into.


Did you know? When you use Firefly, you get a set number of generative credits. Find out more about Firefly generative credits here.

2 Write a text prompt.

Now you’re at the prompt screen, you need to decide what you want to create. Once you’ve decided, write it into the box. You can be short and simple or longer and complex. For example:


  • A painting of a beautiful sunset — this is a simple prompt.
  • A painting of a beautiful sunset with a plane silhouetted across it — this adds layers of additional information.

You can get even more interesting. Tell it to add artistic styles or techniques, or even emotions by adding words like ‘Cubism’ and ‘Impressionism’, or ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ to your prompt. Similarly, you can add words that you want Firefly to avoid.

Discover some top tips on how to write an AI art prompt.

3 Generate your image.

Now you’ve written the prompt, it’s time to watch your AI-generated painting come to life. It works much like a web search – once you’ve written the prompt, simply hit the Generate button and your artwork will appear on your screen. The power of generative AI creates it in seconds.

4 Customise your artwork.

It doesn’t have to end there, either. You can easily play with the style of your work by hitting the Edit button at the top-right of the image and exploring the tools available. You can use Generative Fill to replace individual sections of the image, or explore things like:


  • Movements. From Surrealism to Steampunk, Art Deco to Art Nouveau, give your work a distinct period.
  • Techniques. Add bold outlines, work in ink, or go acrylic – deploy different art techniques to your AI painting.

Simply ‘tick’ your chosen effects from the menu bar on the right-hand side of the results page and hit Generate again.

5 Download your painting.

Once you’re happy with your AI painting, you can download a version of it and save it to your laptop or tablet. Simply tap the Save icon and you’ll see options to download or save to your library.

AI generated painting

Generate your painting with Firefly today.

The days of your creativity being hindered by a lack of technical artistic skills are over. The Adobe Firefly AI painting generator sets your creative expression free — if you can visualise the concept, you can create it. And the more you use it and grow familiar with writing prompts, the better and more sophisticated your AI-generated paintings can become.


What are you waiting for? What do you want to paint today?

AI painting generator: FAQs.

An AI generated painting is created using artificial intelligence technology, known as generative AI, rather than with paintbrushes and canvases. It’s a type of digital art but doesn’t require digital or creative skills to make. It works based on text prompts, which describe what the user wants to create.

For example, Adobe Firefly is a generative AI web app that uses text prompts to generate AI paintings in this way. Users can create works that look like physical art by instructing the AI prompt to work in a certain style, such as surrealism, or with specific techniques.

AI painting generators are powered by generative AI. This type of artificial intelligence technology broke through in 2022 and has become famous for making it easy for anyone to create art or writing.

They work by a user telling the AI what to do via a written prompt. From there, the AI generator uses machine learning and large datasets to create an artwork based on the prompt’s request. The first Firefly model was trained on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock, and public domain content where the copyright has expired.

There’s no definitive answer. Finding the right AI painting generator is subjective, as it depends on what you want to create and how you want to work.

We can say though that Firefly is an AI painting generator powered by cutting-edge technology and decades of Adobe expertise. It’s baked into Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and Illustrator and is part of the Adobe ecosystem. It supports over 100 languages for text prompts and has been developed in line with Adobe’s AI Ethics framework.

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