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4x series: Aschwanden on 21st Century, multi-channel publishing

October 28, 2014 - November 07, 2014


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Bernard Sess 3) Multi-channel Publishing of DITA Content with the RIGHT Appearance ›

Bernard Sess 4) XML Authoring Made Easy, OR It's Not Just For Geeks Anymore ›


Sess 1: Easy Steps to Convert Your Content to Structure

Using sample content that is shared with all attendees, Bernard Aschwanden of Publishing Smarter converts documents that contain character, paragraph, and table content marked up with tags, as well as other standard FrameMaker content and creates structured files. This presentation guides you through the general best practices when converting any legacy content. Forget copy and paste. Leverage what you have to create great structured content. Watch, learn, then do it yourself with provided sample files.

At the end of this session on Friday, 29 August, there will be a drawing from registered attendees need not be present to win for a full conference pass to Best Practices 2014 by CDIM in Stevenson, Washington on September 22-24. Click on the name of the conference in preceding sentence for more info.-- Best Practices is the premier annual conference for managers of information development, training, and support. From your colleagues, learn about the best ideas and innovations in the industry. Discover how managers in organizations like yours are pursuing scenario-focused information architecture and delivery of content to mobile devices, transforming publications organizations from product- to customer-focused, communicating effectively with project stakeholders about our new methods, and considering the challenge of measuring actions and results.

Sess 2: Best Practices when Creating Interactive Video Tutorial

A picture is worth 1000 words, how many words is a video worth? During this presentation, Bernard Aschwanden of Publishing Smarter guides you through reviewing a support topic and developing a storyboard. These ideas are used to created a related video to help users visualize how to perform the task.  Rather than delivering just text, you can provide users with detailed video showcasing specifically how to perform key functions. Help your audience SEE how to resolve issues before they become problems. Watch, learn, then do it yourself with provided sample files.

Sess 3: Multi-channel Publishing of DITA Content with the RIGHT Appearance

DITA. Right? It's mentioned all over the place. Then you have to deal with the hassle of trying to publish to PDF and online formats through the Open Tool-kit. That's a few mouse clicks. The BIG problem is in customizing that content to have the look and feel you want for content delivered to any device, and in any major format. Help? eBooks? HTML5? PDF? Yes, we can do that. And in a way that is formatted with the look and feel you want. And we can do it all from within FrameMaker 12. Watch, learn, then do it yourself with provided sample files.

Sess 4: XML Authoring Made Easy, OR XML Authoring is Not Just For Geeks Anymore

Create, edit, or publish XML and DITA with ease is the promise. This leads to the question of "how?". To address that, Adobe FrameMaker Author 12 provides a rich and visual interface for creating and publishing content. This presentation explores how the software works and provides you a quick start to developing your own content, or even modifying content created by others. A rich visual interface from a company with a publishing history that goes back over 25 years. Adobe FrameMaker reconfigured for the XML geek in all of us. Watch, learn, then do it yourself with provided sample files.

About our Presenter: Bernard Aschwanden solves documentation based problems and helps companies generate more revenue. He guides clients through the best processes to create, manage, and deliver content. Once content is delivered, he helps socialize the message, understand and act on feedback, and improve the process and workflow. He is the founder of Publishing Smarter, an Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication STC, and the Vice President of STC. Bernard has helped hundreds of companies implement successful solutions. He is focused on publishing better, publishing faster, and publishing smarter.

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