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Foolproof Automated, Collaborative Publishing via PADS & FM Publishing Server


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The PatternStream Automated Document System PADS is an enterprise application that enables users across the virtual campus to author/edit content and publish application sections of data-driven documents in a browser based environment. Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server is used as the publishing engine and is tightly integrated as part of the system. Source information can reside databases, BI systems, image files, markup files e.g., XML, HTML, etc., Excel files, word processing files, and other types of information bases. Information can be controlled and published in a distributed manner using desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

This session will present:

  • A web-based authoring/editing system for creating and maintaining content as an information source for data-driven publishing

  • FrameMaker Publishing Server working as a publishing engine to create PDF documents in an enterprise environment on demand

  • How multiple sources of information can be aggregated, transformed, and published into active PDF files for web and print distribution

  • The data-driven publishing concept

About our Presenters: Brad Anderson is the Vice President Operations of Finite Matters Ltd. FML. Beginning in 2004, he has specialized in data-driven publishing using the FML PatternStream application. He has provided PatternStream and FrameScript implementation services to a wide range of clients in the private and public sectors. These customers include state, local, and federal government entities, and distribution, manufacturer, financial, and other companies. In addition to his work at FML, Brad owns, monitors, and maintains the Framers email discussion group and originated and conducted the FrameMaker User Conferences.

Ben Slone is the co-founder, President, and CEO of FML. Since 1991 he has focused on development of applications and services to provide data-driven publishing solutions for customers. Both Brad and Ben have worked with Adobe since 1995 and with FrameMaker since 1992.

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