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4X Sullivan Series: Ingredients for TechComm Success

November 06, 2014


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Sess 4: Next-Generation Review & Collaboration Work-flows in Tech Comm ›


Sess 1: Top Five Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Tech Comm Toolkit

Ask any general contractor or construction worker: Does it make sense to use the best tools? Most will tell you that while skill is important, having reliable tools is a big part of getting the job done right. Join Matt Sullivan for a one-hour discussion on how TCS 5 gives you:

  • unmatched cross-product integration fueling higher productivity
  • user-friendly authoring XML or non-XML – the choice is yours
  • any-time any-where publishing with a single click
  • ability to make technical documentation engaging and interactive by adding eLearning videos and 3D-models and graphics
  • powerful review and collaboration workflows fostering efficiency
  • a strong and vibrant user community
  • more responsive and knowledgeable customer support
  • ‘value for money’ with 54% cost savings rather than buying individual products separately

Make sure you don’t miss this one! Matt will show you the very best parts of the TCS 5 integration story, and leave you wanting to sign up for the following 3 sessions in this series, webinars related to rich media, mobile delivery, and new workgroup authoring and collaboration.

Sess 2: Making Technical Documentation More Interactive
Good tech comm is about engagement. Whether it’s an interactive training scenario, a video, or embedded 3D, Adobe Tech Comm Suite 5 handles rich media quickly and easily. Join Matt Sullivan for a one-hour discussion of rich media creation and placement using TCS 5 applications. You will see examples of:

  • Captivate output linked in FrameMaker and RoboHelp projects
  • Creation and placement of Adobe Presenter output
  • Creation and placement of Adobe Presenter Video Express output and other video formats you won’t want to miss this one!
  • Placement of U3D for working 3D models in output

Matt will also show existing deep integration with native Illustrator and Photoshop documents. In short, if you have graphics in your tech comm, you won’t want to miss this.  

Sess 3: Publishing Your Technical Content on Mobile was Never This Easy

FrameMaker 12 now natively creates the most popular electronic formats! Join Matt Sullivan for a one-hour discussion on how easy it is to create the formats directly from FrameMaker:

  • output to 5 common online formats
  • the basics for setting up output, including customizing responsive HTML5 skins

Sess 4: Next-Generation Review & Collaboration Work-flows in Tech Comm

As tech comm professionals are asked to do more with less, workgroup collaboration and shared reviews can help even out the load. Join Matt Sullivan for a one-hour discussion on both new and existing review and collaboration options in TCS5:

  • The freedom to edit content during shared reviews
  • Approving/rejecting comments from reviews
  • Review on the go with mobile PDF review options

About our Presenter: Matt Sullivan is an Adobe Certified Instructor and Adobe Certified Expert in ten different Adobe publishing and e-learning applications, including everything in the Technical Communication Suite 4. He teaches online and in-person classes as well as helping companies improve their publishing work flow. -- Matt spent years setting up electronic prepress departments for commercial printers prior to the start of his training career. After that,  Matt ran his own Adobe Authorized Training Centers GRAFIX Training, in southern California, managed the training arm of roundpeg, Inc., and co-wrote the definitive FrameMaker 11 reference book, Publishing Fundamentals: Unstructured FrameMaker 11. He has represented Adobe in countless conferences, trained FrameMaker support personnel, presented webinars, and assisted in Adobe pre- and post-sale engagements. To learn more about Matt, and what he does, you can perform a web search on his social media id, mattrsullivan