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Updated Oct 14, 2014.

18   Online features

To disable online features, such as automatic updates and registration of software, select one or more check boxes in the Online Features list. To retain a feature, clear the check box.

18.1   Disable updates

Choose Disable product updates to disable the Check for Updates command on the Help menu and set:

[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\FeatureLockDown]

18.2   Load trusted root certificates

As part of the Adobe Acrobat Trust List program, Adobe periodically pushes vetted trust anchors (certificates) that can be used in digital signature workflows. In the Load trusted root certificates from Adobe drop down list, specify how trusted root certificates are loaded:

  • Enable & Ask before installing
  • Enable & Install silently
  • Disable

This preferences sets:

[HKCU\Software\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\Security\cDigSig\cAdobeDownload]

18.3   Disable registration

Choose Disable registration to remove the Help > Register Product menu item. This preference sets the REGISTRATION_SUPPRESS property.

18.4   Internet Explorer behavior

Choose When launching PDF in Internet Explorer, prompt user with Open/Save dialog if users should see an open or save prompt when clicking a link to a PDF or FDF file. This preference sets AcroPDF.FDF.1\EditFlags.

18.5   Purchase product menu

Choose In Adobe Reader, disable Help > Purchase Acrobat to remove the Help > Purchase Acrobat menu item. This preference sets:

[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\FeatureLockdown]

18.6   Digital edition integration

Choose Disable Help > Digital Editions to remove or disable the Digital Editions menu item available from the Help or File menu. This preference sets:

[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\FeatureLockdown]

18.7   Product Improvement Program

The Product Improvement Program collects usage and other data from clients so that Adobe can improve the product. To disable sending data back to Adobe, choose Disable Product Improvement Program to disable the Help > Improvement Program Options menu item. This preference sets:

Software\Policies\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\FeatureLockdown\