Adobe Authorware

Adobe plans to discontinue development of Authorware® software, the visual authoring tool for creating rich-media e-learning applications for delivery on corporate networks, CD/DVD, and the Web.

Why does Adobe plan to discontinue development of Authorware?
The eLearning market has transitioned to Adobe Flash® and Adobe Captivate® software over the years. Authorware is a mature product and demand has continually declined to where it is no longer economically viable for Adobe to continue development.
Will Adobe continue to sell Authorware?
Adobe will continue to sell the current Authorware 7 version.
Will there be any future updates to Authorware?
Will Authorware be updated to support Microsoft® Windows Vista™ and IE7?
Will Adobe continue to support current versions of Authorware?
Yes, Adobe will continue to honor its existing support commitments.
How do I get technical support for Authorware software?
Adobe provides a range of free and fee-based technical support services. Details can be found at
What other products does Adobe offer in its solutions for eLearning?

According to a recent survey by the eLearning Guild, most of the top tools currently used by eLearning professionals come from Adobe. These include Adobe Captivate®, Flash®, Acrobat Connect™ and Dreamweaver® software. As eLearning continues to shift from a static “Web 1.0” style publishing paradigm toward a “Web 2.0” style connected ecosystem, additional Adobe products such as Adobe® Acrobat®, Flex™, Adobe Photoshop® Elements, Director® and Flash® Lite™, as well as rapid eLearning tools such as Adobe Captivate®, Acrobat Connect™, Adobe Presenter™ and Contribute® software will enable learners to engage with ideas and information, anytime, anywhere, and on virtually any device.

Where can Authorware users find resources to help them build their skills on other Adobe tools?
Adobe provides a variety of training and certification options at
What are Adobe’s plans for future eLearning products?
The distinction between eLearning and traditional learning is blurring as technology continues to pervade all facets of contemporary life. Adobe will continue to develop and advance rapid eLearning tools such as Acrobat, Acrobat Connect, and Adobe Captivate®, industry leading traditional eLearning tools such as Flash, Dreamweaver and Director, and engaging asset creation tools such as Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere® Elements software. These tools can be used to create engaging eLearning content which can be used everywhere from desktops to mobile phones, and DVD’s to kiosks, whether through websites, blogs, podcasts, online and downloadable games, or movies.

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