Powerful Navigation

Create complex paging and navigation structures with the framework and navigation icons. Import RTF text into the framework icon and Authorware will automatically set up a multipage navigation system. Use the menu-driven interface to link to other pages, locations, or text in your application.

Full-Text Search and Retrieval

Perform full-text searches on any text within the application. Users can utilize search capabilities to navigate to the information they need.

External Media

You can now store all application media, including rich text files, outside of your application. This lets you update it without modifying the Authorware application. You can also create hybrid applications that combine internal media with external links.

Media Management

Manage media assets internally, externally, or in libraries. Authorware libraries and the external media browser let you separate application content from logic and still effectively track your files.

Enhanced Calculation Editor

The calculation editor provides syntax highlighting, formatting, and other useful features.

Alpha-Channel Support

Alpha channels let you add rich transparency effects to graphics for a more professional appearance.

Versatile Delivery

Develop once and deliver across a broad range of platforms, including corporate networks, CD, and the web. Authorware applications maintain a consistent high-fidelity experience across browsers on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms.

* Indicates new feature.

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