Built-In Data Tracking

The Authorware data-tracking capabilities comply with the Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) specification. Authorware also supports JavaScript URLs to communicate with LMS systems that use the Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM) run-time API for data tracking.

XML Import and Export*

TCreate dynamic, data-driven applications by importing or exporting web-standard XML files into other applications.

JavaScript Support*

Authorware uses the same JavaScript engine found in Adobe Dreamweaver MX and Adobe Flash MX.

ActiveX Support

Use existing ActiveX controls or create your own to customize your application. Authorware displays properties, methods, events, and other information for each control. Improved communications with ActiveX controls ensures that the full power of virtually any control is available to you.

Learning Standards Support

Build reusable e-learning content that complies with AICC, IMS, and ADL standards.

SCORM Metadata Editor

Describing and defining e-learning content with an XML-based metadata record makes it easier to manage, reuse, and deploy. The metadata editor enables you to create a SCORM (Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model)-compliant metadata record that can operate with a standards-compliant LMS.

* Indicates new feature.

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