eLearning Recorded Seminars

View these recorded webinars where industry experts discuss real-world e-learning issues, strategies, and best practices. Understand what the future holds and learn how to improve your development practices and training content to meet those challenges.

Brenda Huettner

Accessibility Basics in Captivate: The ABCs of delivering your message to everyone

Accessibility is a term used to indicate that a product, such as a Flash movie or HTML page, can be used by people with differing sensory, physical or cognitive abilities. When creating Captivate output, it isn't always enough to just click the "Section 508" button, you must also prepare your content in a way that is accessible. Brenda Huettner, author of "Macromedia Captivate: The Definitive Guide" shares some basic accessibility principles and how to apply them to Captivate projects.

Recording Date: 10/28/2005

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Lance Dublin

Marketing Learning- How to Engage Learners AND Management for Success

This webinar is a follow-on to Lance Dublin's previous webinar titled, "If You Build They Won’t Necessarily Come: What it Really Takes to Engage Learners and Motivate Organizations". In this webinar, you'll learn more about marketing concepts that ensure the success of your program, as well as the quality of the content. Join Lance as he delves deeper into specific techniques and approaches for engaging learners and managers, and the entire organization.

Recording Date: 10/7/2005

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Karl Kapp

The Business of Elearning- Successful RFP Responses

Karl Kapp, author of "Winning E-Learning Proposals: The Art of Development and Delivery," reviews the ten key steps in the elearning acquisition process. Learn how to respond more effectively to requests for proposals (RFPs). Hear about best practices for conceptualizing winning ideas, writing winning proposals, and staging winning presentations. Develop a better understanding of issues including budget presentation, ROI, legal considerations, mitigating client concerns and project management skills needed for successful e-learning proposals.

Recording Date: 9/23/2005

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Elliot Masie

Is Instructional Design Relevant to RSS, Mobile Learning, Blogs, PodCasts, Wikis and New Tech?

What is the role of instructional design in REALLY RAPID development? How do instructional designers "morph" and change their roles for these emerging technologies for learning? Elliott Masie invites you to join this mind stretching and future facing discussion as he explores how learning and instructional design can operate at the speed of business.

If audio ceases after approximately 44 minutes, please drag the play head to 54:20.

Recording Date: 9/09/2005

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Andrew Chemey

Using Macromedia Authorware & Flash with Breeze 5 Training

Macromedia Breeze 5 supports AICC content communication. Join us for this free seminar to learn tips and techniques to create Authorware and Flash content that communicates with Breeze. Andrew Chemey and Tom King of Macromedia share their expertise to help you make the most of the full range of Macromedia products. Integrate rich custom Authorware and Flash content with Breeze-based rapid elearning for a complete blended learning solution. Learn what you need to do as a developer to create content that tracks well and integrates tightly with Macromedia Breeze.

Recording Date: 8/30/2005

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Lance Dublin

If You Build They Won’t Necessarily Come: What it Takes to Engage Learners & Organizations

It is truly a myth that ‘if you build it, they will come’. Developing a great e-learning program is necessary but not sufficient to ensure your success. If you want learners to use the e-learning programs you develop, management to support them, and the organization to embrace them, you need to do more. The key to truly engaging learners and energizing organizations is to put on the hats – and get into the heads - of two key disciplines: consumer marketer and change management. Join Lance Dublin to learn how to apply proven principles and practices from these two disciplines to make sure the great programs you develop are not only used, but also produce the intended results.

Due to operator assisted error, audio will begin a few minutes into the presentation. You can drag the play head forward to "0:04:14" into the presentation, to hear Lance repeat his introduction and begin the presentation with recorded audio active.

Recording Date: 6/3/2005

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Making the Most of Captivate with Breeze 5

Making the Most of Captivate with Breeze 5

Join Paul Clothier and learn how to use Captivate with the new Breeze 5. New capabilities in Breeze 5 allow more uses of Captivate content. Learn how to combine the power of online training content with demonstrations and simulations. Discover features, tips and techniques to help you make the most of both products.

Recording Date: 6/10/2005

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Howard Eisenberg

Assessments and Simulations- Better Performance Evaluation

Join Howard Eisenberg of Questionmark as he describes the fundamentals for creating assessments that get results. Learn how to develop better assessments and incorporate simulations to evaluate learner knowledge and ability to perform. See how assessment data can be used as feedback for learners and course developers.

Recording Date: 3/25/2005

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David Metcalf

The Future of Mobile Learning

What is the future of mLearning? Join David Metcalf, Ph.D. as he examines trends in devices, services and methodologies. Review sneak previews and current examples that point to future advances. Discuss issues facing the rollout of mobile solutions as part of a blended learning strategy. Session topics include:

  • mLearning Overview
  • Current Best Practices
  • Showcase of Leading Edge Examples
  • Future Trends
  • Key Issues in this Emerging Discipline

Recording Date: 3/18/2005

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Jay Cross

The Real Dirt on Elearning

Described by his wife as the "Jon Stewart of eLearning," Jay Cross will stretch your thinking about any aspect of learning you want to talk about. Our learning conversation may cover the foolishness of blending, what's wrong with the ROI yardstick, how instructional designers can quadruple their pay, the time sickness gripping Western civilization, "Blink learning," or why most of us are so stressed. Jay does not really plan to talk dirty but he cannot speak for his mystery guests, who may or may not be wearing clothes. What topics do you want an outside viewpoint on? Otherwise, we'll have to listen to Jay drone on about gossip from the training conference circuit, speculation on the next big thing, and reflections on the checkered history of eLearning (a term Jay originated a little over five years ago.)

Recording Date: 3/11/2005

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Nader Nanjiani

The Financial Value of E-learning

Join us as Nader Nanjiani, Marketing Programs Manager of the Internet Learning Solutions Group (ILSG) at Cisco shares the Cisco experience with deriving financial benefits and productivity from an e-learning initiative. An internal study conducted at Cisco shows that for every dollar spent on one specific e-learning initiative in fiscal year 2003, the company received $16 in value. Yes, the value was 16 times the expenditure! The e-learning initiative for the study was Partner e-learning Connection (PEC), a Cisco portal dedicated to delivering learning content to resellers. Participants will be able to learn from the Cisco experience about the principles that bolster the bottom-line of e-learning programs.

Recording Date: 1/28/2005

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Paul Clothier

Building Captivating Simulations for E-Learning

Paul Clothier will help you learn how to improve developer productivity and provide highly effective e-learning that includes simulations. Understand the benefits and synergies of using the right tool for the job. Watch and hear how Macromedia Captivate, Flash and Breeze can be used together or independently to quickly and effectively create engaging e-learning. Hear tips and tricks for using products together from an accomplished e-learning designer and developer.

Recording Date: 12/09/2004

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Institute for Interactive Technologies

Making the Most of Virtual Classrooms

Dr. Karl Kapp of the Institute for Interactive Technologies at Bloomsburg University provides observations and recommendations for making the most of this new instructional environment. Learn how to prepare for and conduct effective on-line instruction.

Recording Date: 12/09/2004

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Tony Kerrer

Blending Training and Support for Software Applications

There are a wide variety of means to train & support users when rolling out new software. The challenge is understanding the options, the impact of each option, and making good choices that lead to a cost-effective, efficient roll-out. Participate as Tony Karrer uses several case studies to illustrate these choices and issues. Understand how you can be successful using a blended approach to train and support end-users during your next software roll-out.

Recording Date: 12/02/2004

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Bersin Research Center

Rapid E-Learning – Here and NOW

You've heard the buzz about rapid e-learning. Now learn about the real world results and growth of this market. Josh Bersin provides an overview of the key characteristics of rapid e-learning and the most suitable applications. See how organizations are implementing rapid e-learning and achieving measurable results. Understand how rapid e-learning compares to traditional e-learning approaches and the relative growth rates for these segments.

Recording Date: 11/11/2004

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Training & Performance Metrics: Getting Value from Measurement

Dr. Tony Karrer, a top technologists in human performance, presents how leading organizations are improving measurement & accountability for training and performance initiatives. Learn how leading organizations put measurement to use and leverage different techniques & tools. Discover how to overcome common barriers including cost justification.

Recording Date: 10/28/2004

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Aviation Industry CBT Committee

Inside the AICC – Activities, Experience & Resources for E-learning

The AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee) is a vibrant organization that pioneered many of today's elearning specifications and de facto standards. Come learn from experts and colleagues to understand how you can benefit from AICC activities. Understand how you can present or participate in AICC meetings. Discover free resources for elearning design, development and delivery that area available via the web.

Recording Date: 06/30/2004

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Bersin Research Center

Rapid E – Learning: Why is it so Hot?

What is Rapid E-Learning and how can you take advantage of this new wave to build online training faster than ever? What are the critical tips and techniques? Bersin & Associates recently completed an industry study of the Rapid Elearning market. Josh Bersin will discuss their findings and present the factors contributing to the explosive growth of rapid elearning.

Recording Date: 06/24/2004

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David Holcombe

eLearning Guild: A Community for E-learning Professionals

The eLearning Guild can be your first stop in the quest for information and resources from across the industry to enhance your career and help you, and your organization, be more successful. Learn about Guild events and resources from David Holcombe, President & CEO of The eLearning Guild. See samples of surveys, resources, reports and publications that are available to assist elearning developers and managers.

Recording Date: 05/13/2004

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Eric Shepherd

Assessments Through the Learning Process

Assessments are not only useful tools for measuring knowledge, skills and attitudes. They also enhance learning by stimulating retrieval practice and correcting misconceptions. Properly crafted and deployed at the appropriate time, assessments help increase retention. This presentation includes a discussion of how to use questions most effectively. Participants will also learn to distinguish between different types of assessments, how to produce good questions and analyze assessment results.

Recording Date: 04/08/2004

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ADL Initiative

What's New in SCORM 2004

In early 2004 the ADL Initiative released the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 2004, formerly referred to as SCORM version 1.3. Come learn about what is inside SCORM 2004 and see how it addresses the dynamic presentation of learning content based on learner performance.

Recording Date: 03/25/2004

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Bryan Chapman

How to Find the Right Custom Content Developer

How do you find the right outsourcing partner? asked e-learning managers and training directors from a wide range of companies how they approach this issue. Interestingly, many partners are selected simply by word-of-mouth. With over 570 custom developers available, choosing can be difficult. In this live session, we'll share data and tips to help you evaluate developers.

Recording Date: 03/18/2004

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The Workflow Institute

Out with the Old, In with the New

View this pre-recorded discussion with Sam Adkins & Jay Cross of the Workflow Institute. Sometimes it seems that "training doesn't work," "knowledge management doesn't work," and "e-learning doesn't work." Join the Workflow Institute as they discuss and isolate the common features of what is working. Learn the characteristics that make real-time learning, storytelling, simulation, and contextual collaboration so effective.

Recording Date: 2/5/2004

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The Edinburgh Scenarios

What Is the Future of E-Learning Over the Next Decade?

Join thought leaders, fellow e-learning professionals, and the Global Business Network as we look at where e-learning is headed over the next 10 years and how you can influence those directions. Learn how to use Scenario Planning to explore alternative futures. See, and help shape, the Edinburgh Scenarios—the visionary cornerstone of the eLearning International Conference in February.

Recording Date: 1/29/2004

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