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Speed Is King: Rapid Creation & Deployment of Enterprise E-Learning Solutions

Rapid development and deployment of learning solutions can translate into new opportunities and bottom-line returns. Karl Kapp, of the Institute for Interactive Technologies at Bloomsburg University, cites corporate success stories and offers key tactics for planning, developing, and deploying rapid e-learning. Use this white paper to gain insight into techniques and procedures that will help you quickly develop and deliver your enterprise-wide e-learning solutions.
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Deploying Breeze with WBT Manager

Carol Fallon, of Integrity eLearning, explains how to integrate learning management system (LMS)–ready Macromedia Breeze content into Integrity eLearning’s WBT Manager LMS. This article supplements information in "Working Together: Breeze and LMS Applications".

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Understanding Breeze LMS Adapters

Tom King of Macromedia provides an overview of the Breeze LMS adapter options, capabilities and workflow. The document includes descriptions of the AICC and ADL SCORM 1.2 compatibility features of the respective adapters.

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Making the Most of Virtual Classrooms & Self-Paced Presentations: Guidelines for Rapid eLearning

Written by Dr. Karl Kapp and Dr. Mary Nicholson of the Institute for Interactive Technologies at Bloomsburg University, and Tom King of Macromedia this papers provides observations, tips, techniques and best practices for making the most of this new instructional environment. Learn how to prepare for and conduct effective on-line instruction.

Working Together: Breeze and LMS Applications

Carol Fallon of Integrity eLearning describes the learning management system (LMS) environment and explains how Breeze complements and integrates with LMS products. This document explains the relevant interoperability standards and how to produce LMS-ready eLearning content with Breeze.

Creating Learning Objects With Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

This white paper illustrates how Dreamweaver MX can be used to manage, distribute, and coordinate learning object design, including methods for configuring those objects to create rich learning experiences.

Creating Learning Objects With Macromedia Flash MX

Macromedia is committed to facilitating support for authoring Learning Components, or Objects, across key products used for learning. In this paper, the authors describe how instructional developers can use Macromedia Flash MX to design, develop, and share Learning Object files, movie clips, and other components. Macromedia has also created a set of digital assets to accompany the white paper. To use these assets, you must have Macromedia Flash MX installed on your machine.

Getting Started with eLearning Standards

Online learning standards can be complicated. This primer will help you identify and implement the key capabilities of each standards body and their respective specifications. With this understanding, you will be better equipped to improve your online learning development and delivery. Experienced and novice developers alike will benefit from these guidelines.

Macromedia MX: Creating Learning Objects

This white paper by Tanya Heins, Jay Heins, and Ann Gallenson outlines the anatomy of a learning object, offers design and development strategies, and suggests technical and delivery best practices for building and deploying learning objects using the Macromedia MX product suite.

Macromedia MX: Empowering Enterprise E-Learning

Reusable learning objects offer the means to create personalized, relevant learning experiences while improving both organizational and employee performance and productivity. This executive-level white paper by Ellen Wagner and Frances Himes examines the emergence of enterprise learning and the value that e-learning offers as a strategy for learning across the enterprise. An overview of the Macromedia MX product line and how it can be leveraged for enterprise e-learning is provided.

Macromedia MX: Strategies and Architectures for E-Learning Content

This white paper by Tanya Heins and Frances Himes will help IT and e-learning managers understand how to assemble and deliver template-driven learning objects that can be easily adapted to an organization's instructional model. Specific examples of templates created with Macromedia Studio MX, Macromedia ColdFusion MX, and Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX will be used to illustrate this flexible development process.

SCORM and Macromedia Flash MX Learning Objects

This paper, authored by Judy Brown and her team of developers at the ADL-Academic Co-Lab at the University of Wisconsin, provides a background of the ADL SCORM specification with a high-level overview of SCORM, and illustrates by example how a Macromedia Flash MX learning object can communicate with a learning management system (LMS).

Using the Web for Interactive Teaching and Learning

If you're an educator interested in the issues around using technology to improve learning outcomes, this white paper is for you. The paper reviews key trends in learning theory, research on learning styles, and use of computer-aided instruction. It also discusses best practices for implementing online and distance learning.

Using the Web to Train Knowledge Workers

If you deal with technology and training in corporations, you'll benefit from this white paper. The paper summarizes key trends and issues in the corporate training market and goes on to review the changing roles of knowledge workers. Next, the paper describes the key role of technology in helping companies train their knowledge workers. The paper also details research in learning theory and successful interactive learning models.

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